Thursday, February 07, 2019

Online results, warming up & 80's corniness {Thankful Thursday #207}

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This week I am thankful for:

... even better when you forget you have leftovers!!!
I was driving home from a Monday - my toughest days at work - & asking Ricky on the phone what he wanted for dinner & he was like, "we still have leftovers from yesterday" - totally forgot! YUMMY leftovers too from Chuey's - so it was a cook free Monday night. Those are the best!

Ricky's eye OK
OK.... i felt bad... but also tried not to laugh.
Ricky was being funny with me when I said something & he took his baseball hat off acting like he was going to hit me with it...So I naturally went to knock his hat off his head. Except when I went to hit it off, my hand scraped up his face & I scratched his eye!!! OH MY GOSH - I did feel bad when he fell to the floor & screamed "I CANT SEE"... yeah, guilt kicked in. Total accident.  Then afterwards, when he was OK, I had to laugh. He didnt find it funny at all. But yes, I am so glad his eye was OK. I'd never live that down if it wasn't.

I finally got in with the blood specialist. To shake your memory, when I had my surgery, they found my hemoglobin was 7.2... where the lowest it should be is 12 - & they give blood transfusions at around 9.  So yeah - got in with the specialist. I'll do a separate post on what she told me & what's going to happen... but for today, I'll just say I really liked my doctor. She just was personable, & funny & just delightful to talk to.

So in my other position at work, I was always traveling to the other floors in our law firm so I would have to wear business casual clothes Monday - Thursday - its casual Friday for everyone so jeans are cool then.  But now that I'm in my new job, & I virtually stay on our own floor - I can wear jeans any time I want now. YAHOOOOO!!!! I actually wore jeans on Wednesday last week too & I felt like I was walking in naked. It just felt so funny... but then saw 90% of the office in jeans & I just blended in.  1,893rd time I'll say it - I LOVE MY JOB!

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CT Scan
After my last colorectal appointment, they wanted to do another CT Scan to see if there was any abscesses hiding in the 'horseshoe' abscess that I had - if it was on the back side that they can't see.  So they shipped me off to do a scan. Luckily, they were able to schedule it after work so I didnt have to take time for that - AND it was so dang fast. I was in & out of the hospital in like 5 minutes. Kudos to you hospital!

Test Results Online
OK... how nice is it that you can check test results online from a doctor's office now?  I also love it just for reference because I'm so forgetful on stuff like this - especially when I've had SO.MANY.TESTS lately.

Warm weekend
The thaw was wonderful... my backyard? Not so wonderful... but the feeling of sun & warmth? It was just delicious to the soul.

I absolutely love this company.  They were great about a dog sweater I bought for a Christmas gift for my niece's dog over the holidays & this past weekend - we got our auto shop & the whole bag was ripped & spilled out in the box. I was scared of what happened. Did someone tamper with it?  So I called them & they shipped out another bag, no questions, immediately... & even told me if I had to buy another bag locally, send them the receipts & they'd reimburse me. How cool is that???? They are just the best!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
OK... I know... this movie is so unbelievably corny - & now, its even worse because its 80's corny.  You know, when you look back at things & you see how horrible it is. Think 80's scary movies. But I still love it. & still have a crush on Lee Montgomery - which I have no idea why & how I know the guy's real name.  But I found the movie on Hulu Sunday when I wasn't feeling good. & yes, so I may have watched it a few times in a week.  It makes me happy.

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Tell me something good about your week!

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