Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hidden bakeries, date nights & I always knew I was Belle....{Thankful Thursday #210}

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This week I am Thankful For:

Hidden Bakery
A coworker had heard of a new bakery going in around our office but we couldnt place where it was. So 3 of us went out to try & find it - & man, let me tell you - its TUCKED away in a building.  No signs. No directions to lead you there. We just happened to stumble upon it.
But let me tell you, the hubs was one happy guy when I got him this cinnamon roll & brought it home to him from there.  Maybe its good its tucked away so they have plenty of sweet treats left over.

Furnace Decision
OH MY GOSH - why was it so hard. We had to pick which furnace unit we were going to go with & Ricky just made it so hard. I think its because he works in that area so he didnt want to mess up. I mean, we did just buy a whole new unit about 4 years ago & it's already junk. Yikes. #showmethemoney .... but I just imagine its like when I go pick out yarn. I know the difference between yarn & YARN... the good stuff. Sometimes you can know too much.  So after a week of Ricky trying to decide between 3 different units, & me basically telling him to just flip a coin or draw a name out of a hat... we decided on one. WHEW!

Free flowers
I stopped at Kroger Clicklist to pick up my groceries on a Tuesday - which threw me off anyways - but they came out with a HUGE bundle of flowers & said they were giving away flowers left over from Valentine's Day & did I want some? WELL YEAH.... They were gorgeous!! They did have a few dead flowers in them - but they have turned out to bloom into the most beautiful bundle. It's been 9 days & the bouquet is still on my table looking GORGEOUS!... this makes me want to treat myself to flowers every few weeks. It's just so pretty to come home to.

When I got them

What they still look like!!!

Wednesday dinner
The hubs took me out to dinner before our HSM home group since I dont get to see him at night on Wednesdays - I get home at 10pm & he's already well to dream land by then. It was really nice having dinner on a weeknight like that - the place was empty & it was just like a little romantic dinner.

30% off yarn
I have a big project I'm working on & went to get yarn, not knowing there was any sort of sale - so I was SUPER excited when I saw there was a sale on ALL yarn.SCORE!!!!

Daily Grace App
I swear, I dont get paid by Daily Grace (I should - I promote them enough - HELLO Daily Grace - you can just pay me in highlighters & coffee cups).... but if you haven't checked out their app, you should. They offered a new bible study on the Trinity on their app & its so super in depth!!! I just bought their next bible study (on Romans) & as soon as I got it, they sent me the code to download it on the app as well so I can have it with me anywhere.

2nd week in a row - Friday dinner
What's happening with us?  We went out to dinner last Friday, which for the day after Valentine's - kinda expected... but to have another Friday night dinner?  It felt like we were dating again & living that young, carefree life.

Since I was on my own going to the infusion center, I found a pedway that connected the parking garage to the hospital - which made it so much easier & felt safer for me to walk alone downtown.

I still can't believe how good I felt the day after my last infusion.  I remember a nurse telling me, "you've forgotten what good feels like" & Sunday I looked at Ricky & said, 'Is this it? Is this what good feels like?"... I'm horrified its a passing phase. I want to feel like this all the time now!!!

Valentine's Roses
So speaking of my free flowers, my Valentine's Roses that Ricky got me 2 WEEKS AGO ... they still look beautiful too.  It's like I'm Belle or something with all these roses around me :)

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What are you Thankful for this week?

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