Thursday, February 27, 2020

I really am Belle, where were those jeans? & NACHOS! {Thankful Thursday #261}

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This week  I am Thankful for:

Found jeans
This is why you should clean your drawers more often. I went through my drawer that holds jeans &actually got to the bottom of it & found 3 NEW PAIRS! I totally forgot I had gotten them. They still had the tags on them & everything. Talk about a fun surprise!

A coworker made a lemon blueberry cheesecake for a birthday at work & OH MY WORD - that thing was the most delicious cheesecake I've ever had. I've not had that kind before. I will now be hunting it down.

Beauty & the Beast accessories
I have a scanner at work where we send the checks in to the bank.  The one I had was getting a little rickety so they purchased me a brand new one. These babies aren't cheap & in our new work area, there just seems to be an over abundance of dust bunnies floating around. Its bad. Like you can dust in the morning & in the afternoon, a new layer (WHAT ARE WE BREATHING ALL DAY?) - so I mentioned I needed to protect my new scanner to our resident sewer & fix-it-all coworker.  .... I come in the next Monday & find this Beauty & the Beast cover over my scanner - WHATTTTT!!!!!!!?????... I may have squealed. & then she said, "There's more" & gave me some scrunchies she had used with the extra material.  Yep - I jumped up & down!!! Seriously.
THEN... a few days later, I come in & see my new cup cover on my water cup.
I told her I think I need every single thing covered on my desk in this material. - wouldnt that be hilarious?.

But really - how adorable is this fabric. I think I really do need a little swing dress in it!

Harnessed Up
The horses needed their nails done last week & with my brother not being able to take on all he usually does, the guy who did it was kind enough to come over on his own without us there.  We just had to get the horses harnessed up & put in their stalls for him.  I was a little freaked out because I've never had to harness them. Dad & Tony have always done it.  & Baby is still really new at the harnessing & she freaks out.  But Tony said he'd help so I went & picked him up & took him over & snap - it was easy as anything. Cochese is a pro - just stood there & was like, Come on then.  Baby took a few coaxes but it took maybe 3 times & hers was on too.  Glad to see how it's done in case I ever had to do it on my own.

Valentine's Roses
My roses lasted well over a week.  I love when that happens - especially for the money you pay for flowers.

Family Lunch
Apparently last week was Caretakers Day & mom really wanted to take us all out to treat us to lunch/dinner for helping her out.  Ricky wasn't able to make it with his back pain he's dealing with lately - but it was nice seeing Tony come out & sit in a restaurant. He looked so much more like himself.  I always love getting to spend time with my sister in law too.  I've always said I've always wanted a sister & the past few years, I really have gotten to spend more time with her & really have felt like I have a sister in her.  ... Plus - Nachos.

I could eat nachos every single day
... & look at this - who needs meat??

Tell me something good about your week

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