Tuesday, May 05, 2020

One Sentence a Day - April 2020

Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

April... I think it took April Fool's & just ran with it the entire month
So much stress & anxiety... so much frustration
... & the month we lost my little old man
This is definitely not going into the running of one of my favorite months.

1 - Wed / COVID-19 wins the April Food's award of the lifetime! #wishitwereajoke

2- Thurs /  Loving that we're still doing ZOOM every night with the HSM girls #readingProverbsforApril

3 - Fri / Welp, we made it through 2 weeks of working at home & I FINALLY feel like I'm getting the hang of it. #stillfeelsweird

4 - Sat / A day is totally considered lazy when it's made up of baking cookies & finishing a book & going right into another one. #quarantinelife

5 - Sun /  We had to make a trip to Target & it was just bizarre feeling with MAYBE 20 cars in the parking lot & every customer we passed, all had on a face mask. #weworeonetoo

6 - Mon / Sewed up a 2nd face mask for Ricky to wear to work. #makinghimsafe

7 - Tues /  Working at home & I'm still getting in overtime #dontmindthemoney

8 - Wed / We got word that our local Dollar Store got in a shipment of TP & the hubs rushed down immediately & found there were only 6 left by the time he got there. #thatwasclose #weregoodforamonthnow #onlygot1 #werenotheathens

9 - Thurs / Storms rolled through taking our 81 degree temps back down to freezing #WhatWeAllNeedareColdsDuringThisVirus

10 - Fri /  Loving that I've made a habit this week to take my lunch hour & use it to work out so I dont have to worry about doing it when I'm off work #moretimeforthedogsafterwork

11 - Sat / Pulled out the sewing machine & am deteremined to learn how to use this baby #aREALLYslowstart

12 - Sun / HAPPY EASTER #fromthecouch #JesusisSTILLrisen.

13 - Mon /  Got a fun little surprise in my daily work delivery #gottafindmoreBellematerial

14 - Tues / Am I the only one that isn't really minding the quarantine & the demand to stay home? #totallyhappyathome

15 - Wed / Totally infuriated when the Governor was giving his daily upset on COVID & you couldnt hear him because of protesters gathering outside yelling they want the state opened back up. #idiots #ignorance #peoplearetheirworstenemy

16 - Thurs / Where did Spring go? #coldday #breakouttheblankets

17 - Fri / Finished up my 4th week of working from home #Stillfeelssosurreal

18 - Sat /  Went out for the first time in over 2 weeks to go pick up Bruno's prescription dog food #thankyouvet

19 - Sun / Love that our whole HSM family now is going to get together every Sunday & then have little small group chats together #technologyisamazing #missmyHSMfamily

20 - Mon / Happy Birthday to Julie!!! #onebirthdayshellneverforget

Image may contain: 2 people, including Julie Bohannon, people sitting, flower, child and outdoor
She got a Coronovirus to add to her infection disease collection :)
Whoever made that... good one!

21 - Tues /  Got to see my brother & mother from afar when he dropped off some hand sanitizer that a local company is making & selling by the gallon #nowIneedaloevera

22 - Wed /  Took a walk during my lunch up & down the hilly road & forgot how rough it can be #helloshinsplints

23 - Thurs / Ended the horrible work day with an equally horrible night when Ricky's car broke down on the way home. #plusitwasrainy

24 - Fri / You know its been a hard day when your mail drop off doesnt get to my house until an hour AFTER work #TGIF

25- Sat / I'm loving getting the feel of my sewing machine! #makeallthemasks

26 - Sun / Had to run out to meet my aunt for a drop off & made the trip worthwhile when we stopped at Krispy Kreme for a sweet treat #minidonutsmeanyoucaneatmore

27 - Mon / Kicking off week 6 working from home #ineverwanttogobacktotheoffice #loveworkinginsweatpants

28 - Tues /  You know you've had a bad day when you get a frantic phone call & have to go to your mom's house & see the ambulance & fire department there #backtothehospital

29 - Wed /  Rest in Peace my little old man & may you see brightly & run freely in heaven with your fur-sisters #LoveyouBrunoDean

30 - Thurs / Just sad. #missingmyoldman

Bye April 2020 ... you have been one for the books, that's for sure.

My Month also One Second a Day

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