Thursday, May 07, 2020

Thankful Thursday #271

Knit By God's Hand: Thankful Thursday

This week I am Thankful for:

Bruno's passing
Yes I posted about it yesterday - but have been so grateful that his passing was so peaceful & him knowing he was loved till the very last second

What is this?  At least in the 300's for the number of times I say I'm grateful for our neighbors. It really helped when our neighbor came out to help Ricky dig the spot for Bruno & let us have our time to say good bye & then came back to help fill it in. Good people!!!

Our neighbors shared in their Steel City Popsicle & gave us a strawberry & coffee flavor - DELISH!!!! Ricky & I tasted each others because we wanted to see how they were.  We've got to get out there some day. Especially on some warm summer days ahead.

All the love & support
So many of you have reached out to us with calls & messages & texts giving us love on losing Bruno.  It really was so kind of everyone to lift up our spirits.  A big THANK YOU to everyone to sent any sort of love to us!

I'm super grateful for my 3 remaining fur babies. They really have been medicine for the soul in our loss & smiles for our sad days.

Hair Color
So grateful that my hair stylist was selling the color she uses in kits. It made such a different in covering these grays for my spirits - even if staying at home.

Hair Stylist Hubby
I didnt want to bother  The Hubs with my hair color & I was in the bathroom just dabbing away with the brush & he was just so thoughtful to come up & told me to hand him the brush so he could get the back where I couldnt reach.  He did a really good job too.  All his years of working with paint paid off.

Mask Wearers
I will say each week - I am grateful for others who take concern for those around them & wear a mask - not for their health, but for those who may not be in the best health next to them.

Grandridge | 1 thessalonians, Verse of the day, 1 thessalonians 5

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