Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The weekend I did a bunch of the same thing... stayed home

Ahh - a day off work yesterday! Did anyone else need it? I know I did. I know working from home, it shouldnt feel like you need it as much....but I really did enjoy not having to go into the back room & barely move from my chair for 9 hours of the day.  REALLY enjoyed it!

Nothing really exciting happened in my world.  Hard to make time sound really exciting when you stay home as much as possible.

Friday, I just sewed a lot.  Selling more masks & I wanted to play with some new fabric. 

A NEW Beauty & the Beast fabric... isn't it so beautiful?

I was super bummed Friday night though because I had the WORST start of an ear infection.  It was in my jaw & I couldnt even put my teeth together - so no dinner for me.  It was near excruciating.  Yes, I still get ear infections like I'm a toddler.

Saturday, again, a bunch of normal home stuff. 

I put on some crock pot sweet potato quinoa chili ... on the hottest day of the year. OH MERCY - it was a warm one. The official kick off of summer is about right. 

I spent my morning working on my Bible Study & filling out my Faith Planner....

The one good thing about Saturday was I went ahead & worked out - even with my ear was still hurting when I woke up.  All that moving & huffing & puffing must have paid off because the entire time, I had to blow my nose like every 3 minutes.  But by the end of the workout, my ear didnt hurt anymore! I guess all that pressure just had to escape.... I am just thankful it didnt turn into something worse or a round of vertigo. 

I spent the most part of Saturday night sitting on the front porch reading & watching thunderstorms roll through.  It gave some breaks in the heat.

... just in time to eat that delicious chili.... yummm!!!!

Chili just needs avocado, right?

Sunday, church time....I've loved the past 2 weeks on the series called "Untriggered" that touched on anger & temptation.  Our Pastor made it so relevant for the times we are in... ESPECIALLY the Anger one.  If you want to listen to these messages - check them out right HERE.

& then Ricky convinced me to go with him to Home Depot - which I was really anxious about hearing his stories about how no one seems to care of social distancing or masks... but he was so wrong. I would say about 75% of the store had masks on & everyone was really good at keeping distance.  I felt really good about the trip.  I was really anxious to get the mask off though when we got in the car because its no fun breathing through one in the middle of a big humid day.

I was almost ready to take a nap when we got home, but instead got caught up in the new Kimmy Schmidt movie. SO FUN! I missed those characters so much & I loved picking all the answers you KNOW you shouldnt pick. I need to do it again & pick different answers to see if it plays out differently.

Netflix Releases Trailer for 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ...

Then it was HSM Zoom time...

Monday, I was just glad the hubby was home with me.

I made a big breakfast for us & then finished up my week in my Bible Study & watched my video to go with it.

It was anther hot & humid day but thunder was rolling & we kept getting some sprinkles & warnings of storms - though none really hit us.... but it brought in some cool breezes & the smell of rain. MMM.....love the smell of rain.

I ended up sitting on my porch & finished up reading the 2nd book in the series I'm currently in.

Finished that book up & headed over to do the horses giving Ricky a REAL day off from all the work. 

Before I knew it, was after 9 & I had no idea. Where did that day go? At least it wasn't spent working - that's for sure!

So how was your weekend?

Do anything special for Memorial Day?

Are you able to venture out more with restrictions lifting?

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