Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What I've learned during the COVID crisis

It's funny - I started writing this post at the end of last week & saw that Oprah is doing a special on the same sort of thinking. Look at me & Oprah on the same wave length.  I'm sure her show will be deeper & more elegantly stated... but hey, at least I thought of this on my own...

All this time at home, life changed, new views of how daily life goes, how priorities change, its just been interesting to see what I've learned about myself.  Here's just a few thought.....

* I actually dont mind staying home.  All the running around I do, it stresses me out a lot of times. More than I ever really imagined. Until BEING STILL became a thing we had to do. It's been really eye opening to me.

* Online church is good for me.  I am a note taker & I love to dig into my Bible. When I'm in church, I miss a lot because the next thing & next thing is being said.  At home, I can pause & write things down, look in my Bible & highlight, read some more in my Bible... it's really help me dig deeper in my Bible.

* I never thought I'd learn to sew. But being at home & a need for masks for my hubby sort of twisted my hand & I'm super excited about the new skill. I'm wanting to learn more of it now.  I've always said I wanted to learn to make skirts. I may very well do it in 2020 - finally!

* I've actually enjoying cooking & making dinner every night.  Who knew that was possible.

* Same with baking.

* All this cooking/baking - and let's be real - coffee drinking!!!! - I have to run my dishwasher every other day.  That's a new boost in the water bill.

* I can actually live without Starbucks. I've actually perfected my coffee with my hand frother.  I've even gone nearly through my whole CASE of coffee that I had just gotten from Sam's Club right before this quarantine started.  I have to say, its funny to think how much money my coffee budget has saved me this year.

* I'm just never going to get my car clean. I've had every opportunity to clean my car not basically driving it for 8 weeks... & yet, its still dirty & the inside hasn't been touched one time cleaning out winter stuff. I think I have my winter coat still in the back seat.

* Same thinking for cleaning out my closet. I really need to do a whole big clean out of my closet & drawers.... & yet, I havent done anything with my clothes. When I have to go back to work, I'm going to be in trouble because I'll just have winter stuff ready to grab.

* I really touch my face a lot. A LOT!!!! I gotta learn how to break this habit.

Don't Touch Your Face - Imgflip
Sorry... I know this just made you have to touch your own face to scratch it

* I never knew eyebrows could grow so fast!!! They are OUT OF CONTROL.  I havent put on make up in 8 weeks, so no need to get really close to a mirror.  I actually had to look close for something stuck in my eye the other day & I saw my eye brows up close. I actually gasped.   Hello Brook Shields from the 80's.

* An extra hour - hour & a half of sleep in the morning is GLORIOUS.  That will be one of the biggest things I'll miss when schedules get back to normal.

10 of our favourite work from home memes | India Development Review

* I'll also miss getting my work out in during lunch. It really has let my evenings be open to sew, read, clean the house, make dinner - just actually RELAX after work.

* I havent missed too much really when it comes to "usual life". I dont mind not shopping anywhere really, I dont mind not eating out. I mean, we have been able to still get take out for all the places we usually eat. I am the person who takes Clorax wipes into restaurants on a GOOD day, before all this COVID stuff - so you can imagine how little of a need I have to get back out & sit down at places where other people have been sitting & touching everything. Nope - you dont be finding me eating out to sit down for a LONG time.  And thanks to online shopping & deliveries coming to my door, I'll just stick with grocery stores for my only outings. I've basically turned into a happy at home hermit. I'm good with that.

* I've been binging through shows I've already watched during the day - only because I cant focus on the screen, but love background noise.  So I've revisited Arrow, Community, Dance Mom's (why, I dont know) & my favorite - Glee! I forgot how much I loved that show... & some of these episodes still just make me tear up.  The "Keep Holding On" one with Quinn being pregnant & her parents throwing her out... gulp. Choke up every time.

Glee | American television program | Britannica

* My dogs love having me at home & they've gotten trained to me working.  Even on the weekend, if I have to walk back into my back room to just grab something for my planner - the dogs will rush & try & hurry to get the PRIMO spot - the dog bed next to me.  They'll lay down fast & look at me & when I tell them I'm not staying, they'll leave the room with me. It's just funny to see that they know when I go in that room, it could be hours of sitting in the chair at the desk.  I have some smart dogs.

* I think I'll miss the dogs more than they'll miss me.

18 Quarantine Pet Memes We Can't Get Enough Of | Jetsetter

I saw something at the beginning of this that said, "What will you NOT return to at the end of this?" - that's always stuck with me & it has been something that I've been thinking about... I think we're all going to come out of this changed in our priorities. At least I hope so.

What have you discovered about yourself?

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