Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thankful Thursdsay #259

Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits ...

This week I am Thankful For:

New Chair
Once I found out I would still be working at home for awhile (Thank you Lord) a coworker was talking about a new office chair she got.  She gave me a heads up of a sale on it & a coupon & I snagged it up. It's been so nice to have a comfy office chair instead of a hard back, non-spinning chair.

Free time after work
I was so used to driving home after work, then working out, & then dinner was even getting started till nearly 7.  I am so grateful that I can work out at lunch & no commute time. It's been something I'm just soaking up, knowing when I sign off at the end of the day, I'm instantly able to do whatever I want. Read, bible study, housework, games with the hubs, playing with the dog. It's an extra 2 hours that is so much more enjoyable.  I know it wont last forever, so I'll be thankful for it now.

Masks Sells
I've still been selling masks regularly. Super excited about that. I saw a post from PopSugar the other day on cute masks & I thought mine were just as cute & mine were like $10.00 cheaper too - yikes!

See, I can make "adult" looking masks - though I do love my Disney ones!

Smell of Rain
I just love that smell. I got the biggest breeze of that smell this weekend & I just stopped & closed my eyes & inhaled.  Nature has some of the best smells.

New Shorts
I bought some new shorts from Walmart just to lounge around this summer - I'm LOVING them. Wish I would have bought more because they are sold out of most of them now. I'm keeping my eye on them though to snag up more when I can!

Vegetarian lifestyle
No meat for me for nearly 10 years now... & Ricky is 95% there (he does love an occasional Chick-Fil-A sandwich).... but with all the meat shortage going on & the price of it going up - I'm glad it doesnt effect us.  I'm hoping it turns more people to a meat-free lifestyle - even if its a day or two a week!

Day off / Thank you Military Heroes
While I do appreciate a day off work - I do recognize the reason & am thankful for the ones who sacrifice the amazing gift of life to protect our country.

Happy Memorial Day – thank you… – Ronald McDonald House of ...

Mask Wearers
I dont know how or why wearing a mask has seem to become a political statement or a stance for a political party - when it should JUST be about protecting people around you.  Doing it for those you love.  No more - no less.  So yes, here it is again - thankful for anyone that takes the time  to put on a mask, even when its uncomfortable, just to help the person you may be passing.

Tell me something good about your week!

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