Friday, August 29, 2008

100 Things

Since its the Friday before a Holiday weekend, & life has just been so hectic - I've seen these on other blogs & have loved reading them. So I'm going to take the time to do my own. That way, with it being a long weekend - you can take your time going through them. Now, for your reading enjoyment - 100 Things About me!

1. I have one brother who is 6 years older than me.
2. I love anything "Princess" - especially Disney Princess!
3. I wanted to be a pharmacist, but the only Pharmacy school close was at the University of Kentucky - & I didn't want to leave my family & friends.
4. In October, I will be married for 13 years
5. I love dogs & would have a dog rescue if Ricky would let me!
6. I love everything about books! Always have- even as a child, I loved them - love to read them, look at covers, smell the pages - they are beautiful!
7. Speaking of smelling - I smell everything. I will put the oddest things up to my nose to see if it has a smell.
8. I love my "Bonus" daughters as my own - they are all great in their own ways!
9. My mom makes me laugh harder than anyone I have ever known in my life.
10. My laugh gets on my husbands nerves.....
11. I hate when people are upset - for any reason....
12. I cry at those Humane Society commericals - (Sarah Mclaughin's song comes on - I'm DONE!)
13. My first car was a 78 Toyota Celica. Loved that car!
14. My favorite subject was math - loved it - but was horrible at geometry! Seriously - is Geometry really math?
15. I always had an obsession with cash registers as a child - then grew up to be a cashier in a grocery store as a teenager!
16. My brother taught me to type when I was in elementary school (proper hand placement)
17. For fun, as a kid, I would type up all my story books - on an old manual typewriter!
18. I received my black belt in Kung Fu when I was 16 years old. Started it when I was 7 yrs old.
19. I absolutely hate to fly! But I get car sick driving too - not a good traveler!
20. My first boyfriend's name was Jeffrey Antler in Kindergarden. Wonder what happened to him!
21. On my high school graduation night - I had a 102 degree fever. Wasn't even sure I was going to make it!
22. I fall in love all over again with Ricky every time I see him on skates!!! (he's just too darn cute!)
23. I hate when people think they are better than someone else
24. I don't have a favorite color - I like them all in different situations - a favorite color for my shirt may not be a favorite color I paint my room.
25. I'm very indecisive! (Yeah, see #24)
26. I HATE cancer! Had 3 good friends pass away from it, as well as a grandmother & grandfather.
27. Steven Curtis Chapman is my all time favorite singer!
28. When the Wizard of Oz came on TV when I was a child - it was a HUGE event!
29. I took piano lessons for years & can still play, but its not a natural talent at all - I have to work hard to do it!
30. I still love to color in coloring books - with markers though!
31. My favorite hobbies are to knit & cross stitch - cant sit down in my house without doing one or the other
32. Holding my twin nieces minutes after they were born was one of the happiest moments in my life!
33. Change makes me nervous (not the coin type) :-)
34. I once jumped off the ride Splash Mountain in Disney World as it was rising to the big drop just to prove a point to Ricky! (DO NOT TRY THAT!!!!)
35. I like doing laundry but I hate putting things away!
36. My mom used to let me clip out EVERY coupon in Sunday's paper & then she'd keep what she'd use. I still to this day love to cut out coupons!
37. I feel guilty if I have to throw away something that can be recycled!
38. Beauty & the Beast is my all time favorite movie! Even loved the TV show! Never missed it!
39. I dont watch the news - its too depressing!
40. I had to sit in the hall in my first grade class because I said I did not want to listen to a Tom T. Hall song again! I hated that man ever since! :-)
41. I would cry each time that Toto was taken away from Dorothy - even though I KNEW he would jump out of the basket!
42. My favorite smell of all time is burning leaves
43. I'm not a fan of beaches or water that has living creatures in it! Give me a pool anytime over natural water!
44. My wedding colors were black & white - & this was before anyone had black in their wedding. My grandmother had a fit!! But agreed at the end that it was beautiful!
45. I'm a chain puker....if I hear it, see it, or smell it - I'm going down!
46. I hate to touch someones glass during a meal - when it gets finger prints & lip prints - it gags me!
47. I broke my ankle right in two falling off the front porch when I was in high school!!! Worst pain ever - thought I was going to die!
48. I hate milk - I don't even like to look at it! (Hence the broken ankle & other broken bones)
49. I've been at my current job for 16 years!
50. Not to sound so "Buddy" from Elf - but laughing is my favorite thing to do!!!
51. I met the New Kids on the Block & was at the Seelbach Hotel the night Donnie Walberg caught it on fire!!!!
52. I was raised with albums of Dolly Pardon, Tammy Faye Bakker & the Gaithers always playing in the house.
53. I was never a big "Barbie" fan - loved baby dolls instead
54. I grew up watching my parents serve in the church as youth leaders & my father as a Deacon in the Baptist church
55. I cry when I'm mad, sad, happy or any other emotion.....I'm such a sap!
56. I truly think that Disney World IS the happiest place in the world!!!!
57. I constantly am singing songs throughout the day - I love to sing! My fellow co-workers sometimes don't appreciate it! :-)
58. My feelings can get hurt very easily.
59. I've been doing Jazzercise for 15 years! I should be skinnier than a stick - but I like food too much!
60. I hate anything that has to do with politics!
61. I love thunderstorms & get excited when I hear the roll of thunder!!! Sitting out on the porch during them is the BEST!
62. My first slow dance was at a 8th grade dance to the song "You are my Lady" by Freddy Jackson with my friend, Eric Todd!
63. I didn't miss a show of Dance Party USA! I so badly wanted to be on that show!
64. I can say probably every line to Grease 2!!!
65. I saw Paula Abdul in concert in the 90's!! And Milli Vinelli TWICE in concert!!!
66. My brother & I are complete opposites in every aspect possible - but he always stood up for me when needed!
67. I threw a party ONE time in my life & got completely busted!!! Someone blew up my parents new TV!!!! Oh yeah - I got in trouble!
68. I can sympathize and see both sides to every situation.
69. My first Broadway show I saw was "CATS" - my parents got me & my friend Stephanie tickets for my 16th birthday
70. I love anything musical - movies or Broadway - I wish life had songs included with it!
71. "The Passion of the Christ" made me literally sick watching it.
72. There's nothing better than good, clean, funny comedy!!!
73. I wish I could cook & entertain.....its just not in me! I can order Pizza & give everyone a TV tray though. :-)
74. I WILL learn to sew & make my own clothes someday! Project Runway -watch out!
75. I was so mad when Bo Bice didn't win American Idol! I never watched it faithfully after that!
76. I want to spend one day with Stacy & Clinton from "What not to wear" to get some advice!!! (And to use their $5,000 credit card!)
77. I love hugs!!!!
78. My dream job if I could do ANYTHING in the world - would be a Bridal Consultant!! - And if I'm going really big - IN DISNEY WORLD!!!!!
79. My natural hair color is not red - its a dirty blond - but one time, an eye doctor told me that inside of my eye, they can tell what color your hair really is - & she said mine is for a red head!!! So I'm a true red-head at heart! (Love red heads!! My daddy, my hubby, my grand baby!!)
80. I hate Thanksgiving!!! But I do love the shopping the day after! And my favorite Holiday is Easter!!!!
81. I get upset & hate missing every day away from Isaac with him in Texas!
82. Working with the youth in church has taught me more than I ever thought it would, in so many ways! I love those kids like my own!
83. I always wanted to learn sign language as a child so just self taught myself!
84. I look forward to getting my hair done just for the time where they wash your hair & scrub your scalp....aaahhhh!!!
85. I get so depressed when its dark early during the winter season!
86. I miss both of my grandmothers more with each day that I get older.
87. Old people use to scare me when I was little & now I appreciate their stories & knowledge so much!
88. The cartoon version of "The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe" from the 80's scarred me so badly that I couldn't watch the new "Narnia" movie when it came out!!!
89. I get upset when I see trees being cut down!
90. I miss my friend Stephanie so badly at times
91. There's nothing as beautiful to me as the Smoky Mountains in the Fall! Fall is just beautiful - period!
92. My family is a competitive Miniature Golf Family - my mom STILL thinks the highest score wins!
93. I have awesome memories of playing late night games of tennis with my dad - my parents were awesome tennis players!!!!
94. Mine & Ricky's first song we danced to our wedding was Dan Hill "Never Thought"
95. When I get nervous, I pick the skin off of my lips
96. I know more about super heroes now than I never thought I would ever know - thanks to Ricky! He knows more about Christian singers now than he ever thought he'd know before me!
97. I can't stand the thought of, much less see or smell cereal. (Can you believe I even typed out the word?) Gagging now....
98. I am very observant about things. My parents always said I'd be a detective because I notice the small things.
99. I HATE grocery shopping- having to LOAD the cart - the LOAD the food on the conveyor belt - then LOAD the bags into your car - then unLOAD them at home & then put things away....HATE IT!!!
100. I am so thankful for Jesus Christ each & every day!!!! Awaiting the day where I can HUG him & thank Him for all the Blessings in my life!!!!

Now - you know more about me than you thought you'd ever know!!!


  1. This is great!! I have read these on many other blogs. I guess I'll have to do one of my own soon. :)

  2. I hated it when Bo lost to CU also. Idol has not been the same since he left their stage.

  3. Interesting list - was forwarded it because of your DPUSA comment. Great job :)

  4. Thanks for taking the time to do this! It really helps to understand where your posts are coming from!

  5. Auburnchick - I dont know if that's good or bad - hopefully, good!

  6. It's good, Rebecca, trust me! LOL

    BTW, one of my Ravelry friends' moms started a little award thing, which she passed along to me. I'm passing along the honor to you. Go visit my blog to see what I mean. (wink)

  7. Oh I love these!

    41. I would cry each time that Toto was taken away from Dorothy - even though I KNEW he would jump out of the basket!

    ME TOO!!!! :)

  8. 101. You are an amazing friend!!

  9. I'm always in awe of people who can actually sit down and think of 100 things about themselves. I always draw a blank after 10 or so... :)


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