Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sad Day....

Its just a sad & unbelievable night. A 19 year old friend passed away this evening from a car accident. I've known this young man for a few years now & have seen him grow up. He is the same age as our Lindsay & graduated the same time & even went to the same college as her. Ricky even made a comment a few weeks ago that they would be a cute couple together. And then an accident happens.

You say things that don't seem real at times. Like a sentence saying a young life has been taken - it just doesnt seem real - no matter how many times you say it. Every time I would see this guy, he always ran up to hug me - EVERY TIME! He was friendly, polite - had such a good heart in him. He even made Ricky feel comfortable around him - which says a whole lot about him. He was standing in our kitchen just a few weeks ago - he held my grandson when Isaac was in town - he was going to pick me up a cantaloupe from his work for me - we just saw him this past Sunday! Wow - how fragile life is & how we take it for granted.

My heart just breaks for his family - especially his mother & his sister. I can't even imagine the grief they are going through this evening.

I know this young man knew the Lord though - & as a Christian, there is so much comfort in that alone!

Ricky & I have been talking tonight about how you dont even realize the last time you see someone - or talk to someone - that could be it - the last time you'll ever get to say anything. What a harsh reminder. But it makes me want to call everyone I care about & tell them just one more time that I love them. Maybe we should all do that today!


  1. I got a message about this earlier myself. It just breaks my heart. I am grieving for the family. Also, yesterday, I found out that a 21 year old at my work was killed over the weekend. He is into base jumping and skydiving, and Friday when he was doing a jump, his chute did not deploy, adn he was killed. It just breaks my heart. Two young lives in less than a week. How tragic.

  2. That is so sad. I will say a prayer for you and his family.

  3. Wow, that is so tragic. You are right...life is full of so many unexpected twists and turns and we always have to be ready no matter what. I'm so sorry for his family! I'll definitely send some prayers that way.

  4. What a terrible loss. It is hard to imagine the sorrow the family feels. I will keep them in my prayers.

  5. All the more reason to hug and say I Love You when you part from your children, spouse or friends...

  6. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. It is heartbreaking to lose someone we care so deeply for, but even more so when it is a young person. We lose not only the person, but the potential we saw in them.

    It sounds like God used him mightily during his 19 years. What a blessing he was to those around him.

    I will keep all of you in my prayers. May you find joy in the happy times spent with this young man and joy in the knowledge that he is with his heavenly Father.

  7. So sorry to hear that, I hope Psalm 91:1-2 is of comfort to you. Keeping you and his family in my prayers!


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