Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Women of Faith

With the revealing of the trailer & then life, I forgot to mention my awesome weekend at Women of Faith! If you've never had the opportunity to go - I really encourage you to try it. There are just no words to explain the experience. One minute, you are laughing your head off - & the next minute, you are literally bawling your eyes out & then BAM, you're back laughing again while tears are still running down your face! And the whole time, you are learning about God & His Grace!

For me - I had such wonderful friends who took care of me & my bum leg while I was there. I am so blessed! And then I ended up sitting in the wheel chair section since it was saving me steps - isn't God so awesome - there were 3 seats empty right above our section - one for me, one for my friend Lynn who stuck with me & one for my leg to be propped up on! YES!

The cool thing too - during lunch, I just stayed put - no more walking - my arm pits couldn't take it anymore! I pulled out my knitting & then I can't help it - I just started talking to the lady sitting next to me. I'm a talker by nature - I can't be restrained. Soon, we were talking about family, where we lived, life & then she started asking about my knitting. I told her I would send her some things if she wanted & she gave me her address & then told me she owned a Christian Book Store & whenever I would send her a knitted goodie, she would surprise me with some items from her store! How cool is that? Bartering at its finest right there! It was just awesome to meet new people!

And the women that do the Women of Faith - they are truly amazing! They are all great & I look forward to each one - but I think everyone has their favorites. For me - its gotta be Patsy Clarimont. There is just something about her that cracks me up every time she talks - her facial expressions are the BEST! I found her blog when I got home (the link is now on the side) & she has the video below up on You Tube - its a section from this years conference. You must watch it & see how amazing she tells stories.

I also love Luci Swindoll. I think she's great but when I see her - she just reminds me so much of my Mamaw that it just feels like home when she's up there. And I love a woman with a deep singing voice - being a fellow tenor myself!

And probably the highlight of the whole weekend was a surprise from Sandi Patty & her family - they ALL got up there - all 8 kids, her husband, her parents, brothers & sister in laws & sang completely acapella - it was what I imagine angels singing to sound like! I think the whole place had chills or tears - or both!

But each one of these ladies are wonderful - their messages are heart touching & directly from God! Its definitely a time to experience the Holy Spirit's presence! Now, I can't wait for next year - & I'm praying no crutches will be involved! And yeah, I'm a loser this year in the photography area - It was hard enough walking on crutches, carrying my purse & bag - much less pulling out a camera.....oh well! Again, another reason to look forward to next year!


  1. Oh you know what.... mom already has spots reserved for her, Chan, Carly and me!!

  2. I already heard - I cant wait for your whole gang to go! It'll be even more fun with you all there!


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