Monday, August 11, 2008

What do you see?

I just finished reading an awesome book by Sandi Patty called "Layers" that I picked up at the Women of Faith Conference. It just hit home to me so much that I finished this book in just 3 days - love good reads like that! But there was a quote that she used in the book that I really liked - it was from Henry David Thoreau (anyone having school flashbacks at that name?):

"Its not what you look at that matters - its what you see"

AAHHH - how we look at things! I love that idea. It made me think of Ricky & MY dog Bruno. The reason I say MY dog because out of the 4 dogs we have, Bruno is the only one that comes to me when something happens that scares him - I'm the one he wants to hold him when he's tired - I'm the one he snuggles with during bed time ... & he probably only chose me because Ricky is swarmed with the other 3 dogs & Bruno just figures he'd get more attention if he stuck with me. I'll take what I can get - but I love this dog! But its true - he's not the most regal or handsome dog - especially compared to our Aussie or even our Mutt - who is the CUTEST dog in the world!!! And our Lab is just a strong, beauty of a dog. No - Bruno is just different looking. He's got wiry hair that sticks up wherever when he rubs his face - & just not that soft, silky hair that the others have. Every time Ricky sees Bruno anywhere - he "lovingly" calls him the RAT! My poor Bruno. But honestly, I can see where others may look at him & not think he's all that handsome - but that's what I call him - My little handsome. Because when I see him, I see the snuggly, loving dog that comes to me when he needs love & support & protection when he's scared.
Haven't you even seen the dogs that win the "Ugliest Dog Competitions" & my goodness, some of them are just crazy ugly - but their "humans" love these dogs like they are the most beautiful things they've ever seen!

Don't you think that Jesus could look at us like the sinful, awful, dirty, ugly people that we are at heart? But don't you think he sees something completely different? He would have to see the potential of what we can become in Him - the heart that He made to be so much more than we allow ourselves - He sees someone who needs his love & support & protection. He even sees that in the most sinful person - don't you think?

It would be awesome if we all started seeing things through eyes of Jesus!! And I don't care what Ricky says - Bruno will always be my "Handsome" - & don't let Ricky fool you either - he loves that dog too!!!


  1. I miss Bruno! He is a little handsome feller!

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I chose those pictures to "showcase" the bows instead her. That is why she is looking down in down in some of them. She is a real "ham" when it comes to taking pictues!!

  3. I think Bruno is the handsomest little doggie ever!

  4. Bruno reminds me so much of my old dog Ezra. Sometime I will have to send you a pic of her.


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