Sunday, August 03, 2008


I can FINALLY reveal the changes that has been taking place in our Jr. High Trailer! I've been wanting to share pictures & stories of the changes, but haven't been able to because we were wanting to surprise the kids. I hope they were surprised with the new look because it is an awesome transformation!

(Before Picture - with all the colors)

Erica, Joe, Ryan, Jeremy & Chris, along with myself, got together ALONG time ago & started on the walls. We started with a stencil that Jeremy made up & we did the bricks on the wall. It turned out better than we had ever imagined - thanks to Tony, my brother, who is also an artist, who came up & showed us how the shadowing & highlighting makes all the difference. Unfortunately for Ryan, he was the only one who was decent at that - so he got the job of the detail work.

Then, my brother designed up our logo for our trailer, CROSS ROADS, & he was off to work. He brought up his supplies & air brush equipment & he made the most awesome design. When he was finished with that - he found the Igthus design with Jesus' name & put that up on the front - it was awesome! Then he finished it off with the "metal wall" that has rivets & even made window covers that were designed for the room. It is truly a change.

So the kids finally got to see it today. Jeremy, our youth minister, had all the kids stand behind a door & he had a bus from the nursery in front of the door & had them yell, "MOVE THAT BUS" - It was funny to see their reactions. We had worship songs & during the music, you could see the kids looking around & taking in all the designs. The coolest thing for me - my brother, his wife & their daughters came. My brother probably hasn't graced the doorway of a church in about 25 years - I loved having him there. The kids were so thankful to him & he got plenty of hugs from the gang.

But as Jeremy reminded everyone - the room may be different, there may be changes, but we are all still praising the SAME God who has been there, was there & WILL be there in that same room with us as we learn & grown. The only change we want to see in there now is growth - growth in learning & connection with God! Now, we just get to do it in a cooler environment!


  1. WOW... The room is awesome!! I can only imagine how excited the kids must have been. Everyone that helped must be so talented. Your brother's work is AMAZING!!

  2. Oh wow! That's amazing!!!

    It's so...HIP! Plus, the kids see how much you all love them through the effort you put into it!

    Cool, way cool my friend!

  3. I am just blown away by what you have created for the kids at GCC... not only a safe place for them to worship, but a place that reflects their style! It doesn't get much better than this on this side of heaven! You all ROCK!!!!!!

  4. The room looks great!! You will have to show it to me in person next time we get down.

  5. Thanks so much for the sweet comment. Here is the link to the region that you would be in...

    We would love for you to join in the fun if you would like. It's an awesome feeling and it only takes as much time as you wish to put in it.

  6. Guess what? You won my giveaway for the boot boxes!! Drop me an email with your address!




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