Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breath In

I was reading a story about a lady whose body was failing her - she was 99 years old & all she wanted was to make it to her 100th birthday. She was struggling for every breath that she was taking - not even really aware of all her surroundings - but she would just repeat 97, 98, 99, 100 over & over. She had always said she would make it till her 100th birthday. A Pastor would sit with her & tell her that it was OK for her to let go - her Spirit was ready to go - but she just kept gasping for each breath. The Pastor one day told her, "Happy Birthday - you made it - you're 100 years old" - instantly, the woman's breath started to ease, she wasn't struggling or fighting anymore - she was letting go. She quit fighting with her Spirit & put it in the hands of her Heavenly Father.

I then came across that the word Spirit in Greek means "Pneuma" - which also is a root word for "Breath".

It hit me so hard just hearing this story & then just thinking about how we have to have breath to live! To keep our bodies going, we have to breath in the air that God gives us. But how important is it to breath in the Holy Spirit each day? We can't see the breathes we take or even what the air looks like that we breath in (maybe unless you live in L.A. or some other smoggy place) - but we just take it in, not really thinking about it & not realizing all its doing for us. Oh - that we would just take the Holy Spirit in each & every day, breathing deep of the gifts He offers us! That we would realize that the Holy Spirit is the very part of God within each of us that motivates us to do things we could never do on our own!!! To make changes we need to make - to be Bold for Christ - to Live for Him wholeheartedly!

Take a deep breath in!

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