Thursday, August 07, 2008

Larry King tonight

Just a reminder tonight - Steven Curtis Chapman & his family is going to be on Larry King tonight! Just the small amount of interview that was on Good Morning America yesterday about tore me up! My poor Chapman family! I still want to drive down to Nashville just to hug each one of them! His manager is asking for everyone to pray for the family as this is being shown tonight in the hopes that it touches someone & may bring one person to Christ through this tragedy. As well as praying for the famly to relive the horror of that day again.


  1. I have his song, "Cinderella," as my ringtone for when my daughter calls me, so I think about him every time she calls. I, too, cannot imagine such a loss; however, I know, without a doubt, that his family's story will be a witness to the lost. That is the greatest people try to survive without knowing the Lord and His strength.

  2. Man, I meant to watch this last night, and completely forgot! How was it?

  3. I'm sure you can probably find it somewhere on line. If I find it - I'll send you the link.

    And as expected - the family just reflected the hope & courage that only God can give! SCC & Mary Beth had to be so proud of their children. I remember when they were all little tiny things on the stage & there they were preaching the Promises of God!

  4. Hey Rebecca - I missed it too. Please let me know the link if you find it. I looked this morning and cannot find anything. Thanks, Kelly Groves


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