Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Award!!!

I received the neatest thing from my friend AuburnChick. She sent me an award - an "I Love your Blog" award - its now sitting proudly on the side bar. This is my first, & I want to thank everyone who voted....oh, not that kind of award - hey, I'll take what I can get!

There are rules that comes with an award - & I love it - because one of them, you have to pass it on! But here are the rules:

1. Put the award on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you (that is below with a little bit about her)
3. Name at least four fellow bloggers for this award
4. Add links for the receipients
5. Leave a comment to let the receipients know they have received the award.

Easy enough!

First, AuburnChick has been one of my favorite blog buddies! Stop by & visit her. She is a fellow knitter who is also an amazing mom & woman who loves the Lord. I love to hear of her adventures with her kiddos & her life & to see all the beautiful things she knits. She's such a giver of her knits too & has now gotten me involved in a Charity Knit for the MidWest! What I love most about her - she has daily devotions with her kids before they go to school - how awesome a mom is that!!! So thanks Auburn for the award!!

And who do I nominate?

1. Neal At the Cross - This is one of my dearest friend's blog so yeah, I may be a tad prejudice, but I really do enjoy Lynn's blog. She has such a way of taking life's journeys & happenings & turning them into a focus on God! Love that! I think you'll enjoy her too.

2. 4 the Loves of - This is another fellow knitter who loves the Lord. Her blog is always full of some beautiful knits & crochets & just a calming place to visit!

3. On & Off the Needles - I love this blog because it includes some AWESOME knits & some Aussie Doggies! With having an Aussie myself - I just love the pictures of her babies that she puts in agility contests.

4. Ramblings of a 30-Something year old Girl - I have just loved getting to know my new Blog Buddy! I think if this Southern Girl lived around me - we've be fast friends spending a fun time together!

5. Knit Together - Another fellow Christian knitter - has some beautiful work & just a joy to keep up on her adventures.
Last but not least for my nominations:

6. Reflect the Son - I had to add a guy in here! The others are all girly -but this one is another friend of mine, & fellow youth leader with me. He has a way of looking at God's work in his life that is inspiring! I am blessed with some awesome friends - huh?

I have so many other blogs I read & enjoy - some that make me think, some that crack me up, some that I just enjoy staying caught up on some many blogs to read - so many more to find & visit.....Who knew the blog world could be so fun!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! Good thing I haven't put on makeup yet, because your kind words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, my friend. I love that you are so passionate about your work with teens. I also really like the little devotions that you provide on a regular basis. They are as good as going to church on Sundays. Such beautiful nuggets of truth.


  2. Thanks, my sister fried... a blue ribbon always brightens the day!!! And hey... as you already have an award, I just want you to know... YOU are one of MY favorites as well!!!!!


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