Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I made it back!

I did it - probably sooner than I was suppose to - but do I always follow the rules? What did I do? I went back to Jazzercise! I have been gone from there since my accident on FRIDAY the 13TH - that is June 13th!!! 7 weeks!!!

Now, I may not look like a exercise queen, but I go to Jazzercise at least 3 times a week & try to get in 5 classes a week. Like I always tell my friends - I'm the fittest fat person you'll meet! But I could tell a huge difference in just my energy level & the way I was feeling not being able to work out. Then Saturday, I ran across a special on Fit TV that had me sitting with my mouth open for the whole hour!! This special was talking about how your body processes food & what the lack of exercise can do. Yeah - we've all heard it before - but the way this show presented it & the images it showed - I was FREAKED OUT!!! I hobbled down the stairs & told Ricky - that's it - I'm getting back to exercising & I'm watching everything I eat! I was that freaked out!!

Then Sunday, what is our message about at church- The Lord's Gym - which had such awesome comparisons on our Spiritual walk & how the encouragement of others & how we work our bodies out compare to each other. OK - the craving to work out is hitting me hard! THEN, Sunday night - on Discovery Health - another special similar to the one I saw on Saturday - this one had Dr. Oz - I just love that guy! He's like the "bring it down to earth" doctor. When you go to the doctor - do you sit with a "huh?" look on your face, or is it just me? Dr. Oz explains things & on this special, I was sitting stunned again.

So I made the decision to go back to Jazzercise. Now technically, I'm not suppose to be there yet until my wound is completely closed up - & I figure, "We're ALMOST there" - so that counts - right? I just put extra gauze over it & wrapped my leg up tight & I was there! I was so excited to walk back in & see my fellow work out buddies. And yeah - it hurt! I kept it low impact but sometimes certain move would just sting, but I'm thinking it'll just get better from here on out.

For the record - no blood came out of my cut & it didnt open up any more - which is what I was afraid of - so all was good! I felt like things were getting back to normal for me & my leg!

And this morning - yeah, it was sore a little when I got up - but no pain, no gain - right? And in case you haven't heard - I have ANOTHER knot where he cut my leg but its not near as big as it was before & I'm praying that this knot will go away as the incision heals - but I'm just thrilled to finally see a light at the end of this tunnel!


  1. Good for you! It can be tough to get back into a routine after a long break. Just be careful.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you are bouncing bacck. I've always wanted to try jazzercise, it always sounds like so much fun! Have you tried Zumba? It's pretty fun as well.


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