Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yo Yo Yo!

I got the best surprise gift this weekend! First of all - I went to a Youth Leader's Retreat. Its always so much fun being around some great friends & fellow leaders & just some awesome people. There was alot to take in - alot to learn & alot to keep in mind - but I think we all came away encouraged about what the future holds for our youth group.

But my friend, Angelique, came in with a pink bag & told me she had me a surprise. I was just happy with the cute little pink bag. (I've told you before - it doesnt take alot to make me happy!) - well, there was actually something inside of it! There was a T-shirt made up with the name that she created for me! P. KNITTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that fantastic? Add a huge Pink skein of Yarn - and even better - a Tiara over my name on the front - its the perfect gift!

Angelique came up with this name one night after a lesson with the youth & we were talking about how we all relate to the kids on different levels. We were talking where she may not be able to reach them at the "yo yo yo" stage - she reaches them at a different level. They are ALL needed. But then the name came to her - I can pull off a name like P. Knitty. And of course, the P stands for Princess!!!! How awesome is that? I loved the name immediately & even more, the kids in the youth group loved it!

It was funny too because when she gave me my present - I had used the line that all of us knitters have used - "I have to finish this row first" - I was in the middle of knitting & couldn't stop when she gave it to me - how appropriate was that!

Yeaaa Boyyeeeeee!!! And THANKS Hornung Gang for my surprise! It is awesome!

(I feel like I should start my own possee gang of Knitters now!)


  1. Again... the plot to take over the world thorugh knitting thickens!

  2. So mom would be "Sir Knits Alot". Or "Knit doggy dog"? Or "Knitpac"

    I could go on for days!!!

  3. That shirt is just too awesome - and Jacob's "Crossroads" shirt blew me away.

  4. That bottom picture cracks me up!!

  5. Oh my...that is too cute! Great pics! ; )


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