Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Which Jesus will you follow?

Last night during our Bible Study, the discussion was about how the world makes Jesus in an image that the world wants today. It was so thought provoking. The first thing that came to mind for me was the idea of "Buddy Jesus" (the picture to the side) - I've seen this idea in the movies & then there were statues out for sale with this image. The concept was that Jesus is your Buddy no matter what. I get the idea that he's your buddy, but there has to be a response back to him - right? Just like you can't keep slapping your best friend in the face every day & then expect them to still be your best friend if you keep on doing it. The amazing thing about Jesus though is he will keep taking your slaps & will love you, but he so badly wants you to turn to him & just love him back.

Then my friend Lynn remembered the song "My Jesus" & my mind drew a blank on the words. Just a few stuck out to me but I found this song this morning & sitting & listening to it - I just started crying. I really encourage you to watch this whole video & listen to the words. They are so impacting!

"Which Jesus will you follow".......The world's version of Jesus or the God-breathed, Biblical version of Jesus.....


  1. Really makes you re-think your version of Christ doesn't it? Jesus as my buddy???? Nope... Jesus as my Savior! Now THAT makes all the difference!


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