Monday, August 18, 2008


WOW! That was the word for the day for me in church yesterday. I probably said it at LEAST 100 times! The message was just amazing to our church on how repentance is a solid foundation of building maturity with Christ. And then we head over after service for our Jr. High Youth time. Ryan led the message for the day & we thought things were going to be off a little because technically - we're busted! We run very much a technical program for the kids with videos, worship music with words on the screens, just lots of use for our computer, TV & speakers - well, our computer has been wack-o - one of our TV's fell off the wall & busted - we're getting no feeds to our other TV - you would think everything was going to be a downer for the day.

God had other things in mind!

We proceeded with worship playing songs that we knew the kids were familiar with. It was just amazing - the room was mostly dark with no TV's glaring words & in the darkness, you could hear these kids still worshiping, praising & lifting their voices up - it was a spine chill moment. But God was like - "Wait - I still have more in store here!"

Ryan delivered the message - & let me tell you - I SOOO wish we had video taped it so it could have been shown to EVERY youth group around - it was truly a God-inspired message! He said he was working on his message called "Is Sin Nasty?" when he was just having a hard time getting it together. Then, the night before, he said he had a dream where he was giving his message & behind him was just music that the kids listen to that was drowning him out. He couldnt keep their attention - he was literally screaming & no one could hear him over the music. In his dream - the kids were just ignoring him, bouncing to the beat - reciting the lyrics - taking in everything these words had to say. He said he woke up at 4:00 am & was just so moved by it - his message took a turn.

He started out asking the kids what their favorite songs were right now. OH MY - the names of some of these songs made my eyes buldge out. "I Kissed a Girl" - "Shake it" - "Lollipop" - oh, the class was moving with titles & they would start singing these songs. Ryan then asked them what Jesus died for? After some discussion - the kids were realizing the Jesus died for the exact thing they were loving - lyrics that would make Jesus cry - shows that would make Jesus turn away - life styles that would break Jesus' heart. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how awesome the message was.

The day was wrapping up & Ryan just gave an invitation of one that was similar to the one we just received in church to repent - to turn away from things in your life that shouldn't be there. He said, I'm going to pray in the back & you can just take it to God because you dont have to take it to me - well, he never even got to the prayer! As he was moving to the back - these kids just fell to their faces! The message hit their hearts like never before! The Holy Spirit was MOVING!!!!

And let me tell you - if you wonder what kids in Jr. High have to deal with & you think they're still babies or so young - well, they have real adult situations in their lives - but they still have that young mind set which makes it even scarier & harder for them to deal with. We had kids broken - dealing with relationships, lifestyles, drug abuse, suicide issues, sexual pressures - these kids were repenting of so much - it was just one of those moments you sit back & are in awe of God & how He works.

So right now - I'm still on a God high! I dont know why I get amazed at the things He can do & the movements He can produce. But if you know a child between the 11-15 year age - or if you have a child in that age - pray hard for them! They are dealing with so much as they are growing up. The world throws so much at them younger & younger. How we'd love to think they dont have to deal with grown up things yet - but they are dealing with it regardless. These kids need God & His protection over them more than ever!!!

And watch this video - Ryan found it & its just a perfect example of his message for the day - & kudos to the interviewer!!!...& by the way - most the kids knew who Young Jeezy was - AND the lyrics that are mentioned here about going to Hell!


  1. WOW!! I don't know what else to say. We teach the youth group at our church and I can't wait to show it to them. This is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I can't believe we missed it!! I am so thankful for every single one of those students in this class. They are truly amazing! We do have an great church family don't we!? God is so good!!!!!!

  3. That's awesome! I was thinking earlier today about the phrase "let go and let God" and sounds like that is what happened. Amazing!

    I'm also amazed at what kids these days have to deal with. It's so sad and heartwrenching.

  4. That message was absolutly amazing!
    I hit me soo hard...
    I loved it and was prob. one of the best messages Big Ryan has every done!!
    I love u!

  5. I HAD to comment on this!!! I wish I could have heard Ryan's message. That video was extremely powerful. I, too, have to give the interviewer props. She was bold in the faith and kept it real throughout the entire time she confronted and rebuked that guy. Yet, not once, was she ever disrespectful. She spoke the truth with boldness and with love, which is exactly the model that the Bible gives all believers. I think we all could learn a lot from her! Thanks for the post.


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