Friday, September 05, 2008


I am going completely out of my element this weekend! Its technically being called "Wilderness Experience" & its a weekend that is designed to get the younger kids that are moving up to Junior High or that will SOON be moving up (the next year) - to get them familiar with the new leaders & just for a great time to get to know each other & to study about God in a fun environment. Well - I say fun - it all depends on who you are asking! That's why I'm calling it FEAR FACTOR WEEKEND!

First - let me tell you - there is no electricity or running water at this place!!! Our showers will be in a waterfall - at 7:00 AM!!!! How cold is this water going to be???? And no running water? Oh, we have the lovely out-house for our "needs" - Everytime I think about it all - I get a little panic-y! Dont get me wrong - I love nature - but I'm not a nature girl! I love my AC & soft bed & BATHROOM FACILITIES!!!!! (I can do this...I can do this....I can do this....)

Then add on the part that makes it all about FEAR! There are some "happenings" going on. One being rock wall climbing - OK - that sounds intersting & so what if I get maybe 2 feet off the ground - I'll try it! But there's also a ZIP line! I actually have that down as something I would like to do before I die - but now that I'm faced with doing it - Hmmmm, I may change my mind! Plus there is a "giant swing" that is supposed to be similar to the Pirate Ships that you find at amusement parks. Reminder - I throw up in car rides on a straight, flat road! And the best, a "HIGH WILD WOOZY" - WHAT????? Its some sort of contraption where you are 80 feet up & its a rope & you & one other person have to support each other to get across. Is someone going to carry me because that's what I'm envisioning as support to get across!! All the while my eyes are closed!!! (I can do this....I can do this...I can do this....)

Ironically, the theme for the weekend is actually on Fear! Oh - I find humor in that alone! I keep telling the kids - they're going to be having too much fun making fun of me for anything else!

And no one understands how clumsy & awkward I am at things - remember me - the girl who was out of commission for 2 months because of ONE trip down the slip & slide? Ricky immediately said, "you're going to die - aren't you?"....thanks honey!

But - I'm keeping my eye on the prize - the point of getting the kids comfortable with each other & to really let them see what its like to have some devotion time with God & to teach them. Being someone who was afraid to teach at first - that's nothing compared to everything else! I think I'll be coming back from the weekend a little high, wild & woozy myself!!!!

So anyways - pray for us this weekend! There are 13 kiddos going & its sure to be an adventure! I'll post some pictures when I get back - to my home that has electricty & Running water!!!!!


  1. I can't wait for this!

    It's going to be just like back at home in Eastern Ky. It's going to be so much fun!

  2. No, you aren't going to die, but you may feel like you are.
    You are a very brave woman. No zip lines or anything high off the ground for me.

  3. You guys are going to have a blast!!

    I almost spit my water out when I got to Ricky's!!

    You can do can do can do it!!

  4. Sounds like something I would have a kid. Now? Not so much. Good luck Becca. Don't die!!!

  5. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! And remember... the LOUDER YOU SCREAM the less fear you will feel!!!!!! Love you sister friend... you'll be fine!!!!!

  6. Have fun, but NO slip and slides :)
    I will be praying for you all!


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