Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitting in the Dark

I know I havent given any knitting updates lately. Yes, I've still been knitting, & especially with STILL NO POWER!!!! (Day 5) there's alot of knitting by flashlight or candlelight.

I've gotten stalled on socks though. I'll do that every now & then - crank out a bunch of socks then dread looking at little size 2 double pointed needles! I actually finished a sock that I LOVE - the pattern is beautiful, its a neutral color that I can wear with anything, but I've been stuck on the 2nd sock now for about 2 months! Can't make myself finish it! I definitely have to be inspired to knit on a project.

But I have been working on Christmas presents! Can you believe its that time again? My goal this year, to make Ricky's family those awesome Hemlock Ring Blankets. I finished my first one & its beautiful - still need to block it though. I've gotten great advice, but still afraid since that will be my first blocked lace project. I made it with chucky yarn too so its nice & warm & big! This second one I'm doing right now, in the pink, is made out of Cotton-Ease & I'm loving this yarn. Never tried it before - but its just so soft & nice & its coming up very pretty!

So all my knitting friends - just because I havent posted a picture lately doesnt mean I've abandoned my knitting! I still have needles everywhere! And I do mean EVERYWHERE - I actually had a metal knitting needle drop behind my dash board in my car! Ricky just shook his head & told me he hope it doesnt get caught up in my fan!!! That won't happen - my needles are my friends! :-)


  1. That blocked lace is gorgeous! You are just a pro at this stuff -- I'm definitely inspired! I just might take some yarn on the mission trip...

  2. Oh man...what a pretty color you used for that blanket! I can't wait to see it blocked!

  3. Cool socks. I could never make anything by knitting. My grandma tried to teach me once..and after I began trying it wasn't long before she said, hey let me teach you how to weed the garden.. subtle grandma.. real subtle..

  4. They both look amazing. What pattern did you use for those cool looking socks? Hope you lights come back on soon!

  5. Love the blanket and the color. I have crocheted blankets and things before but I haven't really knitted. And it's been a while. I totally understand having to get yourelf to finish something and then if it takes long you have to really make sure the gauge is the same. Am I a dork or what? You better finish or you'll have one cold foot!


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