Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tag - I'm it!

My friend Kyrsta from "Keeping up with the James" tagged me & now I'm "it"! The rules are above. Now I have to think of 7 random or weird facts about myself! This should be interesting....especially because if I do something all the time - how would I know its random or weird? Should I ask, because he'll probably give me more than 7 & then we'll end up not talking for the night - hehe!!! I'll just think of some things I know people think are odd.
1. Yes, alot of you know this - but yes, I can not STAND the sight, smell or thought of cereal. My mom said even as a baby, I would gag in my high chair at baby cereal. I literally will vomit if I see it & I can smell it a mile away. The thought of it makes me gag.....honestly, right now, I feel a lump in my throat even thinking about this now.....GAGGING! The cereal aisle in a grocery store - I will RUN down. I have never even let it be in my house & I have found out my husband has been SNEAKING it! When our power was out, I found it as I was cleaning out the kitchen......oh, that was an ugly argument! I told him I'll never kiss those lips again since they've touched cereal..... (joking!)
2. I have a hard time touching people's glasses - as in drinking glasses. Something about finger prints all over them makes me nauseated. Can you tell I have a weak stomach for things? I feel like I can feel the grime on glasses when I pick them up. If you're ever at my house - feel free to put your own glass in my dishwasher! Or just use plastic cups - you cant see fingerprints on those!
3. I also hate for my food to touch. If its a runny food with liquid - it deserves a whole new plate! The people that I know love me & care for me - when they have dinner, they usually have more than one plate for me - how sweet is that? And if I go out to eat & get things that might run - I ask for them in seperate bowls.....if it touches, I can't eat it. Now, I'm not to extreme where I cant eat a salad or anything like that - it's mainly runny things....oh all this talk is just gagging the fire out of me tonight.
4. Speaking of food touching - I've never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich - ever! I can remember in kindergarden when that's what they had for lunch - my grandma used to work there & she'd get me raviloi each time. Maybe that's where my love of pasta came from...hmmm.
5. I use to be OCD about the song "Lean on me" - dont know why....when I was a teenager, if I heard it on the radio - I'd have to turn it off & back on twice before I could listen to it all the way through or I thought something bad was going to happen to me....isn't that weird??? I'm fine with it now!
6. I constantly have reoccuring dreams about tornado's appearing everywhere - like 5-6 tornados in the sky at one time destroying everything - but always standing out watching them....and another dream where snakes are EVERYWHERE & I can't even walk because of them. What is that about?
7. And the most weirdest thing ever....the one thing that is still amazing after all this time....the one thing that blows most people's minds....
I married Ricky Vincent - KIDDING!!!
I dont know - one more thing
I wont watch a movie where an animal gets hurt in it. One move with Kevin Bacon where he became invisible - cant even remember the name - he killed a dog in the movie - I walked out & made Ricky take me home! I hate that & I KNOW its acting & no animal gets hurt - but I can't handle it. I refused to watch "Eight Degrees Below" or "My Dog Skip" because a movie with a whole bunch of dogs - you know something bad is going to happen. I've also been warned not to watch "Butterfly Effect" & "I am Legend" because of this....if there is any more I should know about, let me know!
Now, you know some weirdness about me
Now - we get to find out odd things from others! The people I tag - their links are on the side.
I'm going to go with:
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Have fun with this guys!!!

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