Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I know Hurricane's have hit the US many times & I've watched them on TV & felt bad for people & thought "That's horrible" but didn't really think much more than that. Well now, Ike is about to hit & its freaking me out!!! Why? Because its going right towards my family! Julie, Steve & Isaac live right off the coast by Galveston & they are right in line for the path. Ricky & I have sat & watched all the latest updates just to try & stay on top of things.

Their plan was originally to batton down the hatches in their home - it is a "hurricane" home - which I learned is built on sturdier foundations & has the metal coverings for the windows & is just made for a stronger wind. But the storm surges are raising higher & higher & flooding is guaranteed now & noticing everyone else bailing out, they decided to load up the van with the baby & all their pets (3 dogs & one cat) & head to Houston.

I find it funny they are fleeing to Houston while people in Houston are fleeing to somewhere else. Steve's father has a house there in which they will be staying - so at least they wont be getting the waves & storm surges there like they would at their home, but its still apparently a scary place to be. Tornados are a pretty scary issue for them too & the house they are going to has no window coverings so they'll be camping out in the middle of the house where no glass is found!

So just pray for them please! Ricky & I feel so helpless thinking they are down there & we cant help! Talk about facing fear - I would get on a plane & fly right through all this if I could help them in any way right now. I just want to get Isaac & hold him - protect him! I know his mommy & daddy are doing just that themselves!

Speaking of Isaac, I told her she's got to put this in his baby book - his first Hurricane - & look, its a take off his name!!! She said she has a picture of him standing in front of the TV with "Hurricane Ike" clearly seen right next to him. Aahh, the memories you wish you didnt have to deal with!

Julie is just scared about going home & what they are going to find - what condition their home is going to be in. Julie asked for everyone to pray for EVERYONE going through this right now. Its a pretty scary time!

This is where we truly call on God & His protection & put our loved ones in His hands! He is in control!!!
Just talked to Julie - they are telling everyone to put mattresses in front of the windows tonight because the threat of tornados will be so severe. And it be sure to stay in the center of homes! This is getting scary!
And poor thing - she's upset because the maps show where their home is will pretty much all be flooded & she left Isaac's books on the floor when they just jetted & left & her wedding album is also on the floor.....makes you think of the little things - doesn't it.


  1. Thanks for the prayers everyone. And just think, we still have another month and a half of hurrican season!

  2. WIll continue to pray for Ike to weaken and that God's mercy is shown on His people!

  3. The kids and I prayed this morning during devotions. I'll certainly be thinking of everyone...especially since I've gone through this many times...leaving in the middle of the evening...last minute...when I got too scared to stay...driving 13 or 14 hours to reach my resting place.

    God's plans are perfect. He knows about this and has already seen the end results. Just trust in that. (I know you do, but it's still hard going through it.)


  4. How scary for you and all involved! I will keep them in my prayers.

  5. I've been spreading the word to pray for them and others in that area.

  6. Praying for everyone who will be affected by Ike. I'm still praying that the storm weakens - it looks like our city is out of its path now, but we have many friends in the cities that it will hit. PRaying with you!

  7. We are keeping everyone in the area in our thoughts and Prayers...

  8. Greetings from a SSS stalker! Just want you to know I will be praying for your family. We live south of Dallas off 45. Tell them they can take refuge here if they need to!

  9. I am feeling your pain and family is in Baytown and I'm so terrified for them. I have been watching this live feed all's the local news there and you can hear everything and see a lot of the parts of the Houston area...Galveston, Baytown, etc. Check it out!
    Your family is my prayers too...I know she is probably upset about the baby books and the wedding album, but no one could ever take away her memories :)


  10. Hope she stays safe. We have been having tornado warnings every 10-20 minutes here for the last 3 hrs. NOT FUN!!

  11. Any update on your family? We have been praying here. Kelly Groves


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