Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Let me tell you - I thought I was in decent shape - until this weekend!!! I have been out of commission for a few months because of my leg, but I started back at Jazzercise & all last week, I've built myself already back to high impact. Holy Hills....Jazzercise didn't help a bit doing the hikes up & down these hills we went on.

Being a little older & wiser (quite laughing) than the kids, they'd shoot down the hills & not think anything of it. Me - my first thing I said as soon as I saw the incline down - oh no, we're going down, that means we've got to come back up!!!! And I knew the steeper down it was, it was going to be that much harder to get back up.

After huffing & puffing to the top of our hill where our "home" was - I could completely see how these hills are like our spiritual journeys - our walks with Jesus! Going down the hills, its pretty easy - the gravity just pulls us down. We actually get caught up in the pull sometimes & even trip & fall on the way down - pulling us down faster!!!! But that walk up, OUCH! Every time we'd hit those hills, legs would be burning! It hurt, it aches, you could FEEL it so much more than coming down.

When we fall down that hills in our lives, we CAN go back up (Praise the Lord) - but man, its hard sometimes. Its hard because we have to die a little bit to self - we have to acknowledge that we failed - we have to fight against things in our lifes to change - sometimes its not fun! And sometimes it hurts!

But there was nothing like getting to the top of the hill & sitting down & relaxing knowing that we were back home at the end of the day!

Oh, that we dont fall down any hills in our lives - that we take inclines that are easy & smooth & always keeping our vision on getting home!

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  1. Hi Rebecca Jo, thanks for visiting and joining in, so glad to have you. Oh yes, we just went hiking this weekend too, so much that they marked the second trail as easy!!


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