Saturday, September 13, 2008

Update on Family!

Everyone is OKAY! Thanks so much for prayers & thought & offers.....people are so good! But we talked to Julie last night as it was moving in & they were safe with Steve's cousin & they were stocked up on water, batteries, easy making food, bath tub full of water - they were prepared.

Ricky talked to them this morning & they are all good. Julie said it was pretty rough & some points were scary when the whole house seemed to shake, but the worst has seemed to pass.

They dont know the state of their house & if they have any damage. They have no elecricity & they are not going to be able to go back home until probably tomorow. And for their jobs - who knows yet - they both work on the island of Galveston so they dont know if their buildings are even intact or what the state of that is.

So alot of unknowns still - but everyone is safe & that's the main point! Thank you Lord!!!

Thanks again to all of you for all your kind words......I know it has eased some of Julie's nerves!

I hope all of you that also suffered through this are all OK also!!!! Stupid hurricanes!


  1. I'll second that! Praise God for their safety!!!! Everything else is just the extra's!!!!

  2. I'm so glad they are okay!

  3. So glad everyone is OK. I can't imagine how scary it was. I have been praying for all affected...

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