Friday, September 26, 2008


Anyone watch that show on A&E? Intervention - the documentary of people who are addicted to things & their family gets a interventionist in to try & help them get help. Its a disturbing look at how bad & how far addictions go.

What's crazy is how these people seemingly have had these normal lives. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then its usually one event that changes them. Something in their lives makes them find comfort somewhere else. This show holds nothing back - there are girls who turn to prostitution for money for their drugs. People who are so wacked out of their minds & dont even realize what they are doing. People who cant wait a second longer for that next fix - they'll sit in their car with needles in their arms. The deceiving of their families & friends for money - the harm they cause to their bodies - the lives they lead is just so sad.
The lives they lead are taking them on a road to sure death.

And you think addiction is just drugs - this show has shown how people have problems with so many things - every sort of drug - alcohol - bulemia - aneroxia - there was even a guy on there one time who was so OCD, he felt like he was going to die because he couldnt get a room clean enough. And a girl who was so addicted to the spray you use on keyboards to clean them. I was so disturbed by that one.

What's amazing to is everyone reaction when they walk into a room full of loved ones & the interventionist. They get swarmed by love & help & some people take it willingly & admit they have a problem - & others freak out, run, dont want help from anyone. Even those people usually end up going for help, but at the end of every show, they tell you if the people are still sober, or healing or if they are back to using or back to their old lifestyles. I sit sometimes & hold my breath waiting to see that flash on the screen. When someone you think would never make it through does - its like you want to scream a big YES for them. When it comes up that someone was kicked out of rehab & is back to their old lives - you just feel so sad for them & their family.

And to see physical pictures afterwards of people who are better - its not even like the same person - its like a whole new creation!!

Its a very interesting show.

Do you think God looks at us like that? That he gives chances for us to be healed & some of us take it willingly & others run? And then some of us stick with it - accept the new life of grace that He offers & then some of us run the other direction, refusing to take the grace that He gives? Does he see the road we are on is leading to sure death? We all may not have issues that these people on this show have - but we all have issues - something that needs to be dealt with our own "Interventionist" - someone who can show you the truth of a life you are leading.....Thank you God for being a Healing God!


  1. Of course there is the whole addiction to 30% OFF YARN SALES!!!!! AAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  2. I've never seen that show (no cable ~~ just the way we roll :0) but it sounds very interesting. I'm so glad God intervened in my life ~~ I've never been the same ~~ Thank you Jesus!!

    Have a GREAT weekend, Dawn

  3. When I used to have TV, I watched that show all the time. Talk about ripping your heart out - it's so sad all of those stories.

    God is so good to free us from those things so we don't have to live that way and die that way. Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me....

  4. I have watched the show a few times, but it gets to me and stays with me so I can't watch it now. Same with shows like "Cold Case" or anything where they show the crime. My Holy Spirit just gets so burdened and overwhelmed with that darkness that it's like I can't let it in. (If that makes any sense, hello random comment!!!)
    But I love your analogy to Christ being the interventionist. Sometimes we respond willingly and other times we run, but he is always there for us. Good stuff!


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