Thursday, September 25, 2008


OK - I feel horrible today. Most of you know - I love the planet. In saying that, I love to recycle - feel bad when I don't & know I can. I get horribly upset when I see trees cut down - & felt horrible when I saw how the Wind Storm we had that took so many HUGE trees down - trees that had been around for YEARS. Nature amazes me in how the trees bloom in the Spring, survive in the heat of Summer, turn beautiful shades of colors in the Fall, & retreat back to stillness in Winter to do the whole process again.

So to bring nature into my every day environment of my office, we have plants. Now, as much as I love nature, I do not have a green thumb. Not my talent. I know some people have some amazing & beautiful plants & flowers that they take care of & it blows me away. Steph had a plant that Ryan now has possession of that was her Great Grandmothers!!!!! Imagine the life in that plant....if it could talk!

Now, my job is to water these plants - but I tend to forget. I even posted about it here almost a year ago. (that's weird......I just looked - its EXACTLY one year ago.....that's VERY ODD!!!!)

Well, I noticed one plant yesterday was all sagging & falling down. I thought, there's my wake up to water. I went & got water & poured it on. I walked by about an hour later & noticed it was still droopy. Got some more water just in case I didnt give it enough the first time. End of the day - the perking up that I'm used to seeing didn't happen.

This morning I walk in & see the soil is moist, but the plant did not perk up at all. There's actually a leaf that fell off of it -just like Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree......I feel horrible. Then it hit me! I completely neglected this plant! I let it go until it was screaming for help & then I would tend to it "just enough" until it was sagging & in need again. What if I kept up with it - what if I watched it before it looked like it needed help? Neglect.....what a word

Then I thought about spiritual lives & how people seem to neglect that. How they scream out for God when they want him or need him but when everything is normal - they dont need to tend to their relationship anymore. They just sort of overlook it. Just like I expected that plant to perk up, people will look at their spiritual life like a free pass - once everything is good, God goes back on the back burner. But what happens when your spiritual life is like this plant is now....its sagging & dead & its not coming back? Praise the Lord - He won't allow that to happen - unless you choose that yourself.

Don't neglect your relationship with Christ.

Psalm 119:15-16 "I meditate on your precepts & consider your ways. I delight in your decrees; I WILL NOT NEGLECT YOUR WORD"


  1. Can I suggest setting a reminder in your outlook to water the plants every friday or monday.

  2. i am a plant killer too! Very good post... something i need to think about more often.....

  3. Don't forget to "water" your relationships either...people get neglected as easy as we neglect our spiritual lives.

  4. I can't keep a plant alive that is for sure.. Even my fake plants are looking

  5. Good post... hate feeling spiritually droopy... and there is absolutely no reason why anyone should... God is right there with the watering can ALL the time!


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