Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No, you hang up!

Ricky & I are in an awesome group that is focusing on marriages called "Committed Couples". Its full of our friends & we are really being challenged to strength our marriages from a Biblical stand point. Last night though, it was so funny because we were talking about how you still need to persue your spouse, even after all the years.

There was an AWESOME example in the Bible of how Jacob worked the 7 years for Rachel - got Leah for his wife, worked ANOTHER 7 years for Rachel again & then married her - but the cool thing - Jacob worked for ANOTHER seven years even after he married his love....he kept persuing her!! (Genesis 29:30) - I never ever noticed that....what a great picture of love....

Remember when you were first dating & all the stupid stuff you did for love? It was great hearing some examples of everyone, but it was funny because I think EVERYONE did the late night phone calls. Know what I'm saying? Those phone calls where you were on the phone & didn't want to hang up.

"You hang up first"

"No you"

"OK - love you - click (saying the word "click")

"You didn't hang up"

"I know - I couldnt - I love you too much" - (Gagging yet?)

But you know you've done that too! How funny is that to look back on? Ricky & I would fall asleep on the phone talking & then the bad thing, he wanted me to call him in the morning before we took off for work - this was before the world of cell phones - & his line would be busy where he was still sleeping & had the phone off the hook from the night before. Oh the stupid things we did for love.

We were challenged to do the things that we did for each other when we first started dating. I told Ricky to go in the other room, take his cell phone & we'd call each other & talk to each other as we slept.....he just told me - we'll burn our batteries up in our much for that plan! :-)

Anyone do anything completely goofy for love? We got keep working at it - gotta keep being goofy in love!


  1. Hey, have you heard about that new movie coming out called Fireproof? It's got Kirk Cameron in it. I've heard it's pretty good - and it's about a couple who try to make their marriage work. My mom was telling me about it yesterday. It sounds good!

  2. Pete and I say, "I love you" all the time. We never hang up the phone or leave the house without saying it. We also call each other multiple times a day "just to check in." :) Nothing too least it isn't to me!

  3. Hubby rides his motorcycle to work, he calls every morning to let me know he made it just fine.

  4. We were guilty of the "I love You", "I love you more" stuff. I still stick random cards in his lunch box or pack if he's going to be away overnight.

    Still goofy after 28 yrs :o)

  5. Ha, my family makes fun of Hubby and I because we talk on the phone so much through each day (but now he's soley at home :)) and for saying I love you all the time! Everyone says we'll be newlyweds forever!

  6. What a GREAT post!! I love hearing about all the fun stuff couples do ~~ my hub and I talk on break (for him) and his lunch (I'm a stay-at-home girl) and on the way home and sometimes even on the way to work. Wow I didn't realize how much we talk together in a day. Lots of other fun stuff too, but I think it is wayyyyyyyy important to stay connected!!!

  7. I'm not sure if you caught my whiteboard post, but Todd and I write notes to each other a few times a week - it's super fun and good reminders of the little things we love about each other. OUr family teases us because of how much we flirt and act silly together - I hope that never goes away!

  8. It IS hard to keep that up! BTW- The "no, you hang up" is a great classic line from "Friends", too, if you remember that show!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the birthday wish today! LOVE your site and will be back!!! Thanks again girl!


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