Thursday, September 04, 2008

Small Gestures

I was watchin"Dirty Dancin" for the ump-hundreth time the other day - seriously, who can get enough of Dirty Dancing? It was at the final part where "No one puts Baby in the corner". I have to say - isn't that the dorkiest line EVER in a movie - but who cares....Patrick Swayze coming back to do his dance, his way - you overlook it. But my favorite part in the whole movie is just something so small! When he takes Baby up on stage & starts the music & he walks over & lifts her arm up & slides his hand down her side - there it is - he kisses her nose right before the dance! Anyone know what I'm talking about? I just love that part - just the smallest, simpliest action there is! I wondered if anyone else even remembered that part or noticed.

I was thinking of other movies that just the small parts get to me - in "Enchanted" - when Robert & Giselle are dancing & he just sings to her on the dance floor - I seriously tear up each time - how corny is that! But again - its the smallest thing that means so much!

Another favorite movie - "A Walk to Remember" - & if you are a reader - READ THE BOOK! Its so much better than the movie!!!! There are TONS of scenes that get me in that one - but my favorite, when Landon & Jamie are getting married & her dad, the preacher is talking about the vows & Landon just looks at Jamie & whispers "I love you" - AAHHHH...knees melt! -

The Radio being raised up in "Say Anything"

The coin being raised up in the air & dropped in Demi Moore's hand in "Ghost"

The song that Adam Sandler sang to Drew Barrymore in "The Wedding Singer"

AAAHH - the little things ..... don't they make a huge difference? Have you ever stopped to think of the little things you do & how they affect someone? Have you ever been in a bad mood or have a really bad day & just a smile from someone makes a difference - or someone sends you a text that says, "Is everything OK? Remember I love you" - simple things that mean alot!

But of course, the best of them all - when the Beast gives Belle his Library because she loves to read!!! I am truly, 100% a sap because I cried when I saw that part!! And in the Broadway play - its such a bigger deal than the movie - I sobbed like a baby in the play.....yeah, small gestures mean alot to some people - just when they need it the most!


  1. That's one of my favorite parts of Dirty Dancing. I'm going to have to watch the movie again this weekend. I also like the part where he crinkles up his nose when he's singing to her. It's one of my favorites too.

  2. I always tear up at the end of "50 First Dates" with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. The part where they're on the boat and that Over the Rainbow song is playing and they have a little girl and her dad is there...gets me every time. Great movie.

  3. Oh - reminded me - speaking of Drew Barrymore (again) - how about "Never been Kissed" while she's waiting out on the baseball field for the teacher to show up? When she drops the mic - it kills me - but then he shows up!!!!

  4. 50 First dates was hard to watch. What he had to go thru every singel morning.

    I know what you mean about small gestures. I love it when hubby helps me put my coat on and then carefully gets my hair out from under the coat.

  5. I always want to cry when i see A Walk to Remember at the part in the play when she gets done singing and Landon realizes that he loves her and adds in the kiss! It really gets me now that i have seen it and know that she is sick but the first time i saw that movie i bawled! I actually just finished the book yesterday amazing!

  6. Dirty Dancing is in my top 3 for sure! That line was SO CHEESE and yet SO AWESOME. Great post! I'm so glad to hear Patrick Swayze is doing better too. That was so sad when I heard about him having cancer.


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