Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cold supper

We are in week 3 of no air... why? long story!!! But someone is coming Thursday to look at it - of course, Thursday, its supposed to be beautiful & in the 70's - no need for air then!

Today - not so much! When I came home - this is what the temp said in our window fan

Yeah... over 90 degrees in my house!!!!

Luckily, I had a meeting at church tonight so I got to go enjoy the air conditioning. Thank you Lord for a cool church!

And then I come home... what to eat? I for sure aint turning the oven on in our house... dont even want to MOVE to make anything...

So what's for supper?

Oh yeah - Fudge-cicle... calling my name!
Just had to eat it before it completely melted!
Now that's what I call NUTRITION!


  1. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable meal plan to me - YUMMY!

    So sorry about the air - I am NOT a fan of heat!!!

  2. Great Idea! I got turned onto fudgesicles when Oprah was saying what a great low-cal snack they were. Of course, that's if you only eat one at a time ;-) which quickly got out of hand at our place!

    Hope you get some relief soon!

  3. Oh my goodness I don't know how you're surviving! But that definitely sounds like a great dinner to me. ;)

  4. That looks good to me! That's the type of dinner that would make me smile.

  5. Yikes! That is really warm! Glad you had some cold supper to cool you down :-)

  6. RJ,
    My sister will sometimes have a Sonic Blast for lunch ~~ she cracks me up, and so do you!!!

    I shall have to try the fudgesicle supper ~~ sounds yummee and so easy and would I be the best mom ever or what =)

    Have a Blessed and Super Wednesday,

  7. Sometimes a fudgesicle for dinner is exactly what the doctor ordered...

    I have refused to turn our a/c on yet. It got up to 83 degrees in our house yesterday, but I knew it was gonna be cooler today, so we just dealt.

    Hope yours gets fixed soon, though, 'cause you know those 70 degree days aren't gonna last long!

  8. Now, I think that your "i don't cook" chant has gone too far!!! How about a cold Salad??? Oh well... guess I would choose a fudgesicle over a salad ANY time!!!!

  9. I could never live back in the pioneer days because I'd die without my A/C! Yes, I am spoiled rotten! LOL! Hope you feel some of that cool air blowing on your bod, again, real soon!

  10. I've done that many times--especially when I worked at camp!

  11. Gotta love Fudgecicles! It was really hot in here yesterday. We had a terrible storm and lost electric for almost 2 hours. So we had cereal for dinner. Yum yum!!

    I hope your AC gets fixed soon. Ours works but Hubby wont turn it on....we have central air. Instead he put window units in the bedrooms and we run them at night. Ugh.

  12. ohhh Juilana's going to be sooo mad .. LOL.

    Thant's ok she's made at me too, I need to do her DVD again.

    I want on for my scratchy throat :)

  13. Mmmm, me too! And my air isn't broken :)

  14. Mmmmmm.... I think I know what I'm making for dinner tonight! That looks good!

  15. ugg no air conditioner?? I would not do well at all. But love your solution! Ben & Jerry's air conditioning service would be another option!

  16. 90?!??!?!?! I was actually sorta cold today. Yikes.

  17. yay for Fudgesicles! Hope your air gets fixed SOON...

  18. Can you say Rita's? And LOTS of it?!


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