Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Day

Got one more day with the grandbaby....

Gotta suck up every bit of laughter, gotta memorize every facial expression, gotta gaze into those eyes & remember how blue they are, gotta make more memories & press them into his little mind so he doesnt forget us....

One more day....


  1. That is an incredible picture!

    He won't forget.

  2. He's precious. He's more than likely dreaming of all the fun that he's had with the both of you!

  3. Know that you are gonna miss this little guy, but you will see him again before you know it. Just gotta wrap your mind around the whole flying thing. But what better reason to step onto a plane than that little face right there?! And watching he and his Pappy (who is totally WRAPPED around Isaac's little finger!) just really made my heart smile!

  4. Get in lots of hugs and kisses. What a sweet fella!

  5. Aw, I'm so sorry they have to go back home, that really stinks. But so glad you were able to spend time with them.

  6. awwww that picture is adorable!! have so much fun!


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