Friday, June 12, 2009

Little April Rose... sadness

Well, I havent really responded about the whole Little April Rose "scam" that was pulled on all of us... Here is the updated article...

As soon as I was told that it was truly a scam - & I whole heartedly was hoping it wasn't true - I just sort of sat back & read all the articles & with every one, I sat with my jaw dropped, my heart heavy, & a brain that cant wrap around the "joke" of it all...

Mainly what hurts me is the idea of following other blogs that have showed the TRUE stories of people that have hurt over babies that have passed, such as Miracle Max... or the stories of joy of babies that have survived with prayer, such as Baby Harper.... & to have deceived so many who have followed this with prayers lifted & hope extended... I just dont understand.

A friend of mine, Chandra was telling me how her little girl was praying for Little April Rose the other night & she had to tell her that the baby was OK, that they needed to just pray for the mom... that's what hurts me... even little children were scammed in this... what is the joy or pleasure in that.

And that my Blog Buddy Lianna or others even submitted prayers for "His Will Wednesday"... that these people feel deceived & hurt - it just confuses me... no other word for it - confusing....

I am in agreement with the other blogs that promote praying for this lady who had this scheme going... she truly needs to be held up for issues of the heart that God can touch & heal....

I even had the link on the side to direct people to this place - wrote a post myself... I was just as deceived....

The reason I am saying something about this now... I got home from a great day with Julie & Isaac at the zoo & we were beat... naps all around. I go to check out my email & ABC News had contacted me! TRULY! They had seen my blog & wanted to discuss with me the whole story & how it felt to be deceived....

This was a legit call....I called them back & the number went straight to ABC News... I was amazed... but the reporter was very friendly.... unfortunately, I contacted him too late for my response - he was on a deadline... but he thanked me & now, I'm just waiting to hear the story on ABC News!!!!

And now, we go on with our guards up .... But I hope we can still, as bloggers, hold our hearts open for others who are going through hard times & need prayers & support! I hope we don't become jaded & automatically think the worst... but that we always love others... even Beccah... who obviously needs love more than anything right now...

Now, I'm headed to upload another LOAD of Isaac picture & we'll get back to our fun days with the most beautiful grandbaby in the world!!!!


  1. I completely agree with how you feel about the April Rose situation...really saddens me, too! What a tragedy that people use situations that are very real to many only for the sake of making a buck.

  2. I agree that the woman behind the Hoax needs prayers. That was cool that ABC contacted you...but even cooler that you had a great day with your grandson.

  3. It was sad to read this on 2 other blogs I follow. I agree that this young lady needs to be prayed for. : )

  4. While I feel bad for the young lady who did this, I truly feel more sorry for those who invested their time, their money, and more importantly, their prayers over this situation. Yet, while I feel terribly bad for those duped, I have to say, it was awesome to see so many Christians band together for a cause... to be in prayer... to be in support... and while GOD knew that this wasn't real, I have to believe that he smiled his way through his pain over this ordeal... knowing that HIS children were truly dishing out the love!!!!

  5. I'm really sorry this happened to you. I can't believe people spend their time hurting people when they could put that same energy into helping.

  6. A sad reminder of the world we live in. The best part about this story is all the great Godly people that showed up to help and pray. So I hope ABC news somehow through all the ugly found the beauty of God's love and kindness from so many people.

  7. I can't believe someone would do something so horrible! Taking advantage of people praying for a sick child? Ugh I just don't understand people sometimes!

  8. I posted about this today. I had not been following the blog and only found out about it last week. I was shocked to see the story made it to It is a sick, sick story, but how cool that ABC contacted you!!! Please keep us posted if you "appear"

  9. RJ,
    When I first heard about this I thought of you and the picture you had on your blog, I came over and saw that you'd taken it off. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the situation. I really didn't know too much about this one, I'd seen the website, going there from here, but for some reason it wasn't one I kept up with. Not sure why, generally I do with stories such as that one.

    I'm sorry for your hurt over this, and it is a very sad situation. The mom definetly needs prayer.

    Love you girl ~~ have a Blessed Sunday,


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