Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The heat finally broke & it has been just GORGEOUS outside - warm, but still cool breezes - just PERFECT in the evenings!

So last night, I'm sitting on the front porch with my book! I originally had all four dogs out there, but Buffy just wants to play, Zoe gets freaked out & wants back in (She was found on the street - I think if she's out too long she has flashbacks or something! She just wants to get back in the safety of her home & fenced in yard) - & Bruno, he'll just wander & wander & wander - so the three of them go back in the house. Sydney - she's the perfect country dog. She'll sit at my feet for HOURS on the front porch - just watching everything, listening to sounds - all the while never leaving, never standing - just laying on her porch, watching the world go by.

Then all of a sudden, I hear a commotion - a strange sound - like a bird in distress... I walk out in the yard & look up & see a hawk chasing a little bird....

First - let me say, I HATE HATE HATE any sort of "nature" show that shows anything preying - ready to capture its meal... A lion coming up on a bunch of gazelles or something - FORGET IT! I literally get nauseated...

So I see this hawk chasing this bird... He gets so close, then the bird gets away, then the hawk creeps up again... its literally a chase! I started screaming RUN! RUN! RUN! - like this bird is actually running! I had to laugh about it after I said it - but it was instinct for me to yell those words! Just wanted this little bird to get away.... I could feel the intensity of it all for this little bird - its little life on the edge - one quick turn could save it - one wrong turn & it was in the jaws of this Hawk...

How did it turn out - I dont know... they went over a set of trees & I couldnt see them anymore...

I choose to believe the bird got away....

I sat back down on the porch, Sydney got right back at my feet, but I couldnt even read after that. My heart was pounding too fast & I was just feeling that "nauseated" feeling...

It hit me! Working with the youth - I can see Satan chasing them just like that hawk... & these kids of today have to RUN! RUN! RUN! - do everything they can to get away from those jaws that want to destroy. The youth - so small & so innocent - something that probably seems so easy for Satan to catch! One wrong turn can put them right into his trap.... one right move can get them a little further away - buy them some more time before he runs after them again.

Certain faces came immediately to my mind... names... some even of kids I have never met, but have heard stories from you, my blog buddies.... & I thought how badly we all need to stand on there & yell to these kids - RUN!!!! To give the words of Christ to build them up - give them something that makes them stronger - give them more speed to GET AWAY!

Maybe its even YOU .... if you feel the breath of the enemy creeping up on you in a chase - I'm cheering you on right now... I'm telling you to never give up... KEEP RUNNING!!!!


  1. Great post, as always. I just love your analogies.

    And I know what you mean, the food chain always leaves me sad too, but I have to realize it's just the way of life.

  2. Hard to always remember that no matter where we are in our lives, Satan is right there, just like God is right there. But with Satan, he is pursuing us... and God... he wants us to pursue him!!!! Satan desire to catch hold of us... God wants us to catch hold of him.... if we could only realize how easy it would be when we are running FROM Satan to run into the arms of GOD!!!!!

  3. Wow, that was great! I don't have anything to add, really. Great!

  4. This was awesome awesome awesome!!!! :)

  5. So insightful ... guess I am trainging to run more than one race, huh?!

  6. Run birdy! run!
    great thoughts as always!

  7. I can't watch animal shows involving killing or bloodshed...way too much for this tender-hearted person! Your writing amazes me...thanks for the blessing!

  8. Im the same way! I had fun reading all about you. I will have to copy and play along too. Hope that you are having a good week so far!

  9. What a terrific analogy! These teens that made profession of faith at church on Sunday...I think about this for them. At least half of them will be tempted to take the wrong fork in the road and I hope they run, run, run! Or at the very least, turn back around after realizing their mistake.

  10. I don't care to see nature in action either! I once rescued a baby bunny from a crow--it was carrying it off and I ran after it screaming until it dropped the bunny. The bunny hopped over to the mother rabbit and I swear she looked at me like "thank you!!"

  11. It is so true. I have seen sweet innocent friends' of my sons get into some bad stuff or hang with the wrong crowd. They have the choice to stay strong or follow the evil. It is so hard to be a kid!

  12. Poor little birdie! I choose to believe that he got away too, especially because it'd be a perfect ending to your analogy!

  13. This is such a really good post, and such a wonderful analogy too. I hope it doesn't get glossed over by someone who really needs to read it and take it to heart.

  14. Love this post!

    I first thought of this verse: Hebrews 12:1Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

    But all of a sudden, after reading the above, I had an image of myself...avoiding the Holy Spirit and His teachings. I twist and turn and try to take a different path. By giving up, I surrender my will to God's.

    If this sounds strange, then we can chalk it up to my lack of sleep (up at 4am this morning).

  15. That was such a great post!! Thanks so much for sharing that!

  16. Love it!!!! Once again you see a beautiful lesson out life and nature! I just love your thoughts and writting. Thanks sharing!!!

    I have it admit that I did giggle a little when I read you said, " run run run!" so silly!!

  17. Oh no! Poor birdy! I'll believe he got away too.

    And once again, what a GREAT analogy! Teens have it so hard. It was hard when I was a teen, but things just keep getting worse and worse out there in the big bad world. Hopefully these teens can run from the enemy and not get trapped by him.


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