Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*Yes... as of this minute - still NO Air Conditioning in my home... enough said on that...

*Watching "Ellen" - I realize there are alot of people out there that really can't dance!!!! OH WOW.... & I wonder how many of them think they do dance good?

*It is LESS THEN A WEEK for Julie & Isaac to be here... anticipation is building!!! Gotta get my batteries all charged up for my camera! Be prepared - tons of Isaac stories & pictures will be coming up soon!!!

*THE BACHLORETTE.... did anyone else get totally creeped out about Tanner talking about feet the way he did???? And doing his little "Kiss Feet" Dance?...... I sat with my jaw actually DROPPED... especially when she KEPT him another week! SERIOUSLY?

*My buddy, Joe has turned me onto a Christian Rock group - "RED"... Here's their CD that I just picked up! Rockin' isnt even the right word!!! Its fantastic!!!! The song "Pieces" is just a great one! (If you want to check it out)

*So You Think You Can Dance.... Can someone PLEASE tell me how Sonja picks Natalie (The adorable red head) to show how the dance is supposed to be danced & then the judges get rid of her????? But yet they let others "Dance for their life" & not let this girl have another shot? I am furious about that! Natalie.... you were treated WRONG!!!!

And WHY SYTYCD... why toy with my emotions even more? Putting the two Broadway Brothers against each other for the last spot? They were both awesome! If anything - the older brother should be put on as a choreographer... he is awesome! I wanted to cry when he took off his hate & said "My fears is what was holding me back...." & saying how everything that he thought was against him is now what could put him through! Evan is now my favorite! I will be voting for him every week!!!

*I am excited to see how this.....

Is going to turn into this......

*MOST EXCITING OF THE WEEK: My buddies, Joe & Erica are having a baby... they are enducing Erica this morning!!! If things go easily, Baby Emily will be born today!!!! This is one baby that has been prayed for & so anxious for her to meet her mommy & daddy who love her so much!!! Here's the moment that Erica told Joe she was pregnant 8 months ago... Of course, I'm always camera ready!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!


  1. SYTYCD made me mad about the brothers... I wanted to keep them BOTH and get rid of the tall lanky guy... he is okay, but they were both SO MUCH BETTER!

    And YIPPEE for the EMILY DAY!!!!!

  2. I love your Friday fragments. I love that CD, his voice is amazing. I must purchase that one.

  3. are a brave, brave woman! That is one heck of a cross stitch! My mom is a great cross-stitcher and would probably be just as excited as you are about that project.

    In all serious-ness, I cannot wait to see it! : )

  4. I love that Christmas picture - is that a cross-stitch pattern? So cute!

    As for Bachelorette, I wish Tanner wasn't so creepy b/c I think he's hysterial. And remember, Jill doesn't get to see all the behind the scenes stuff we do. She doesn't know the full extent of his creepiness.

  5. AWWW, love that picture! How exciting for them!

    Are you cross-stitching that project? I used to love to stitch, before babies. Then they started getting into my stuff, unraveling thread and making a mess, so I quit. It is so relaxing, though, and I love the finished product.

    Good luck!

  6. YES! I told Robert last night how mean it was to put those two brothers together and then make one of them go home!!! Ugh, the bald one reminds me of my soon to be brother-in-law. I was mad about Natalie too!!

    And.... EW ON THE FEET THING!!! I was watching too. Even the first episode when he was talking to the camera about the feet I was yelling at the tv. DUMP HIM NOW!!! ugh....

    Yes, people on Ellen THINK they can dance, but they can't and I find it very funny!

  7. Yay for new babies!

    Oh and the bachelorette... SERIOUSLY he is creepy!!!!

  8. Still no A/C...oh, I feel for you! Yes, that dude on the Bachelorette is a sicko! She needs to kick him to the curb ASAP!

    I wish your friends the very best as they welcome their baby into the world. That is such a great picture!

  9. Man no air that is harsh. I hope it gets better. I am so happy for your friend and the new baby on the way. Have a great day and great weekend.

  10. Girl...that sure is a large pile of floss. I love the project that you are going to do.
    What a great picture of your friends. I will be praying she has a easy delivery.
    Thanks for the sweet comment about the mission kids.

  11. Sorr you still have no AC. And I am for sure one of those people that cannot dance!

  12. I hope you get A/C soon. Mine broke last October. I finally broke down and bought a window unit from craigslist last month. Florida summers are horrible!

    I'm a week behind on the Bachelorette, but I'm sickened by the thought of her keeping that weirdo around another week.

  13. I can't believe you can do that cross stitch! Good luck!

    And I hope everything went well with the new baby! I wish I couild smell that newborn smell :-)

  14. I totally agree with you about Tanner and his foot fetish! WHAT WAS SHE THINKIN'?

    Hope your A/C gets fixed soon!

  15. I am waaay out of touch on all these shows. I do remember seeing the "feet guy" on ET though. creepy! Congrats to your friend on the birth of her little one :-)

  16. Oh, I wish I could knit and cross stitch. I am gonna try it again.

    Hope you don't get too hot with the air out. I know how that is.

  17. I love the show SYTYCD, but I'm with you on all those things. Also, I hate it when the judges say to the ones they didn't pick for the top 20... "You aren't good enough". Obviously, they wouldn't have gotten as far as they did if they weren't good enough. They really just need to say, "You're great, we just aren't picking you for this season's show".

  18. I thought the same thing about SYTYCD! How on earth did they let her go?? She almost made the top 20 last season and then this season she was the example and what the heck?? I don't get it??

    And about the brothers, my husband was cursing it the whole time they were picking just one of them. I too hope they bring the older one on as a choreographer.

  19. I wonder what people think when they see me dance. We love watching The Bachelorette, and yeah, he's creepy. However, I like him a little, because, um...I love having my toes sucked. (Someone had to do it once when someone ELSE dared them to in Truth or Dare. Too bad Mr.4444 isn't that into it! heheee)

    I must be hyper; I couldn't make it through the whole song. It was just too slow for me! I do think the lyrics were nice, though.

    Here's hoping for a cool weekend :) Enjoy your company!

  20. P.S. WOW-That cross stitch project is a big undertaking! I look forward to seeing the results :)

  21. While I would have loved to have seen more of both Evan and Ryan, it would have hurt them both to put them both (they would be spliting the same voting people). I think Evan is my favorite at this point, too, but we'll have to see what I think after I see all the couples dance tomorrow!


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