Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nothing bad to say...

My memory verse for last month was one that I love! To me, its one of those "HA" - in your face kinda verses! & I'm talking about a "In your face" in the sense of saying "You talking bad about me - BOO-YAH! You DONT have anything bad to say about me!"

In everything, set an example by doing what is good. In your teaching, show integrity, seriousness & soundness of speech that cannot be condemned so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us" -Titus 2:7-8

To me, this is saying - you do or say what is right, & people cant say anything bad... they're going to look dumb if they do!

But then I realized something as I was going over this verse daily for the past 15 days...

People are STILL going to condemn! People are STILL going to say bad things about me - or you! No matter how well you are doing something - no matter how well the intent of teaching others, there will ALWAYS be someone who will speak ill - someone who wants to drag you down!

So even though I'm looking at this with an attitude of "today" - I've been looking at it wrong!

I really think when we all stand before God - is that when the feeling of "shame" will be felt? Because I know some people will NEVER be ashamed of what they say about someone - no matter how wrong it is!

Will I feel shame for something I said? Will you?

I just know for me - it pushes me to be an even more accountable youth leader! I want to stand before God & know I did teach with integrity, seriousness & soundness of mind! And that even goes further then a "class room" setting... I want to teach my nieces, my grandson, my friends with those same values!

In the end... I know I want to live a life where no one has any ground to stand on when they accuse of anything! How about you?


  1. I try, but I am far from being there yet.

  2. Hard stuff...if only there were some kind of trap on my mouth to keep things from falling out!

  3. I admit that I, sometimes, have a tendency to open my mouth and insert my foot. It's a learning process and with God's help, I'm learning to speak more with my heart and less with my head.

  4. I struggle with this...and try each day to do what is right and to be a good example. But some days it is just so darn hard to do!

  5. RJ,
    Amen sister!! I want to stand on the solid Word, and then maybe I can get this darn foot OUT OF MY MOUTH!!!

    What translation is that?!!

    Have a Blessed Tuesday,


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