Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope Now

Lately, I am totally feeling the song by Addison Road called "Hope Now"....

But there is one line right from the beginning that takes the breath away from me every time I hear it .. or sing it... I'll be in my car & it'll come on, & that first line is the 5th line in the song - after that, I ususally cant sing much afterwards - it knocks the breath out of me every time...the line -

"How quickly I forget I'm yours"

I know I forget who's hands I'm in... who is in control of me & this world.... who I belong to... who loves me more then anything, even after I fail Him over & over....

For those who have children - think about how much you love them because they are "yours" - a part of you... no matter what they do - they are YOURS!

How quickly we forget we are God's children...

The rest of the words are amazing too... hope you take a few minutes to sit back, read the words, sing along if you want... & remember if you do - the DA DA DA DA is FOUR times... (I had to laugh at that part of the video)


  1. One of my favorite songs!! It gets me everytime. Kailyn loves it too.

    I'm also digging Forgiven and Loved by Jimmy Needham.

  2. I love you Jo Jo! Thanks for always lifting my spirits :)

  3. What a wonderful song. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that! So pretty, her voice is amazing.

  5. Wow what a wonderful song my dear. You always are so good finding just the right thing to bring us all up!

    Much love my dear!

  6. Oh I really like this song! So glad you posted about it :)

  7. I think that is what you are for. To be our constant reminder!

  8. I haven't heard this song before but I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love this song. Thanks for the reminder! =)

  10. oh my word I LOVE that line. What a truth!

  11. Hi Rebecca....
    I am back to blogging and I have begun catching up on my reading.
    As usual a beautiful post.

    I am having a giveaway come on over! :)


  12. What a beautiful song, thank you for sharing.


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