Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*I feel like I'm 12 years old again... not in a good way! My ear lobe is infected from my earrings! That use to happen all the time when I'd wear play jewelry - & now, I will only wear 24k gold or sterling silver earrings... now sure what happened... just know it HURTS! And I feel naked without my earrings!

*I am totally addicted to Pandora - the on line radio station!!! Its been the only thing I've been listening to at work every day...

*I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu every day at lunch time (Thanks again Chandra!!!)... I totally forgot how much I loved it - especially those early seasons. Xander & some of the lines he pulls off is hilarious!

*Favorite Xander Line of the week: (After Buffy rejected him for a date) - "I'm just going to go home - lie down & listen to country music - the music of pain"

*Will the media PUL-eze leave Jon & Kate alone???? She spanked her child - she didnt sit there & beat her daughter - she didnt pull out a whip & lash her.. she spanked her. Regardless if you agree with spanking or not, that is how she disciplines her child - leave her alone! Yes - a child will cry when they are being disciplined... I just feel so bad for this family...

*Speaking of which - did you see there is a "special announcement" on their show Monday...

*Random Fact about Me: I get just as car sick sitting in traffic then moving!!! The constant stop & go of traffic... I'm feeling green thinking about it

*So you Think you can Dance Fragments!!!!

  1. When did Lil' C become quite the philosopher!!! What the heck was he talking about ... progression - labor - birthing pains... WHAT???

  2. Did you see Ryan - Evan's brother - tried out again & is on his way to Vegas! If that guy doesnt make next year's show - I'm going to be like Mary & cry & say "I think I'll just die"

  3. I cant believe Max got booted! He looked TICKED off! I think they are giving Kayla WAY too much credit! That first week - it was Max & his ballroom that made her look good! And he totally stole the show from her in that wacky "Princess" dance... felt bad for the guy!

*Ricky has to work on Saturday... which means for me... SLEEP!! When he's home - he's up at 5 AM! Yes - he's sick like that! And when he's up, the dogs are up - following him, jumping back in bed with me, following him, JUMPING back in bed with me... so needless to say, I usually dont get to sleep past 7 myself on Saturday... but when he goes to work, the dogs jump back in bed & sleep the morning away with me.... aahhh - looking forward to it!

*BLOG BUDDY YOU MUST VISIT: If you have a minute, you really should go visit Three Girly Girlz - this blog always blesses me! Nicki has such a way of writing about God... I always leave her site feeling like my heart has been spoken too... check her out!

Hope you all have a great Friday!!!


  1. I agree with you 100% about Jon & Kate. I am not a watcher of the show, but you're right. She gave her daughter a spanking.

    Have a great weekend! I'm off to check out your blog recommendation!

  2. I was really surprised at them kicking off Max. He wasn't my favorite, but he seemed much better at crossing genres than Kupono. Besides, wasn't it just last week that they said that they like variety among dancers as much as they can? He was the only ballroom dude! Oh, and I definitely cringed at the birthing pains analogy. Sometimes things go too far...

    The "special announcement" thing seems sad...assuming they're talking about divorce. I really hope not. I hate to see that the show has contributed to the breaking down of their marriage (though it still is not the cause).

  3. have AMAZING blogging buddies!

    Insert Mary Murphy's scream here...only it's a scream for the Lord!


    You know I've gotta comment about SYTYKD.

    I find it interesting to watch the dances, think -- "They seem off," and then have the judges praise their talents.


    At the same time, I'm finding myself moved by contemporary dance. I haven't always "gotten" it, but it's becoming more and more cool, even though some of the choreographers are a bit strange.

    I loved the slow ballroom dance...was it the waltz? B-eautiful!

    I haven't picked my favorite yet. I get so torn between the personal stories versus the talent.

    That's it for now.

    Hope the ear feels better soon! I always use peroxide when mine start bothering me.

  4. I'm so excited for Ryan to go to Vegas again for Fall season! I hope he makes it! And yearh little C? What the? I couldn't tell if he wanted a child or if he was in pain from watching them dance. Holy Hannah he was funny.

  5. Ever tried reading in a moving car- nah! you don't want to do that. I can't or I would need an airsickness bag.

    Sorry to hear about your earlobe infection. Now I'm going to be extra vigilant in keeping my latest one scrubbed...I'm getting a little paranoid since it takes so long to heal.

    Anyhoo, enjoy your weekend being able to sleep to a decent hour :-)

  6. You are soooo sweet. Thank you for the shout-out today!! I'm with you on the Jon and Kate thing! We don't have cable right now so I've been watching last season online and reading her blog and site for updates, you'll have to let me know what the special announcement is! Thanks again! love you!!! ;)

  7. Happy Friday.

    I know the whole Kate thing was silly.

  8. Sorry to hear about your ear. I have the same problem with certain jewelry and that can be so painful! Hope it feels much better soon!

    Thanks, also, for the tip about Pandora! I had never heard of it before, but I just got finished to listening to some Chris Tomlin - Everlasting God! Awesome!

  9. I hope Kate just doesn't bother reading the tabloids. I would have to finally explode! Yeah, I have a bad feeling about that "announcement." Poor kids...

    I don't watch that show regularly, but when I do, I'm impressed by the heart the dancers have, following their dreams. For some reason, it's easier to see their passion than on Idol, for example.

    So happy for you, that you could SLEEP IN today!! (assuming you're not still in bed!)

    Thanks for joining in FF this week!!

  10. I love SYTYCD! Yay! I love Philip! I voted for him like 20 times.

  11. I'm with ya on Jon & Kate. WIsh folks would cut them some slack. Despite having been on TV for the longest, they still are just people & have regular people problems. I sure the heck couldn't hold up so well under such scrutiny the media & haters put them through.

  12. I love Buffy! When I'm sad or just in the mood I'll pop in one of my favorite seasons and veg on the couch all day soaking up the Buffy rays!

    Totally agree about Lil' C. He was starting to get on my nerves. Thank God for DVR because I would fast forward whenever it was his turn to critique.

    I agree with you about the JK+8, while I don't think it's a big deal that she spanked her kid I do think that they LOVE the ratings. I wonder what the announcement will be tonight...I fall hook, line and sinker for those tag lines "family in turmoil" and "big announcement."

    Great Fragments!

  13. I just can not watch So you think you can dance. That Mary Murphy makes my head hurt. I watched it one time and that was it.

    I agree with J & K. I'm SO sick of hearing about them. It's been a few years since I've even watched but they're EVERYWHERE and you can't get away from them!

    If Kyle closes our bedroom door Chewy stays put, but if not, he likes to follow Kyle around too. I understand and feel your pain. haha! =)


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