Saturday, June 27, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Wont leave the house - ITS HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOT DANG... & I mean that literally! It is so hot today!!! The dog days of summer are here!

The dogs were running around the house so I went outside with them to run them - get their energy out ... as soon as I stepped outside, it was like someone sucked all the AIR out of the sky... replaced it with a bunch of humidity that you cant even breath in... I think I started sweating just STANDING THERE!

Needless to say - I told Ricky, I aint even leaving this house today... our air is fixed & I'm STAYING in it! Got the crock pot going with a roast so got a good supper coming - got socks on my knitting needles - I'm good for the day!

Hope everyone is staying cool today! Happy Saturday!


  1. Stay cool and eat ice cream. That's my prescription for you today!

  2. Sorry it's so hot! You could come to Massachusetts, where it's been in the 60s & 70s for the last 2 weeks - and RAINY!

  3. Yum, a roast sounds delish!

    The yard sale went better than I hoped, made a hundred dollars, Gabe was way better than I thought he would be...all good.

    Know what you mean about the heat. Elijah has a ballgame at 4pm; think of me while you're in the a/c!

  4. It has been pretty hot here also.

  5. Ugh!! It's been HOT here too!! Even being in my house with AC on it's still HOT!!

    You've been tagged!! Come by my blog and hope you play along!!


  6. Today we have a bit of a respite from the humidity but the last two days were killer!

  7. Agreed. We got the 2nd air unit fixed at work and you would have thought it was Christmas. I guess it was for some uncomfortable cooks. I think we are going to dinner and a cold movie theater!! Have a great yummy dinner, my tummy is growling as we speak.

  8. It's pretty dang warm here too! I hate to think what the electric bill is going to look like with the a/c running 24/7! Try to think cool thoughts!!

  9. I don't blame ya at all! :-)

    Visit my monday crazy questions if you can....would love to have you!

  10. We have had rain for weeks and today I sat out in the sun at a couple of baseball games and happily roasted :-) Of course our humidity is about 3%!
    Hope you threw in a few fudge pops to make it a perfect day :-)

  11. Yes it is hot here this weekend also! I like your idea of staying inside inthe A/C! Stopping in from SWS!

  12. It's hot here too. We've had to go out for some errands but we've been quite strategic about how it's all getting done.

    Thanks for playing and stay cool!

  13. Roast in the crockpot...I'm so proud of you!!

  14. I can deal with heat. Humidity, not so much! Enjoy your A/C!! =)


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