Thursday, June 11, 2009

Isaac Visit - Day 1

So we had a little scare at first... Weather was shutting down flights & Julie's was canceled this morning...

But after even going to the wrong airport... yes, she went to the wrong airport (we're so teasing her about that) - God was so good because Julie was able to get on a stand by flight which was so much better then her new flight that would have came in at 10:00 at night!

Julie & Isaac got here & Mr. Isaac was all smiles for me... but things didnt go well while mommy was loading up the luggage.... People thought I had to be punching him with the screams that were coming...

But soon, everything was all smiles & fun & games.... Isaac was running around hugging dogs, laughing at Nanny, playing with his new favorite toy with Pappy - a FLASHLIGHT! Yes, this is his grandson!!!! So fun hearing the laughter of a 20 month year old!

Pappy was ready to play some baseball with his little buddy....

Showing Nanny how smart he is with his toys... (Does that smile just melt your heart, or is it just me?)

We even had time for a super hero to be running around our living room... Cape & all! I think I saw a tear in his Pappy's eye at the sight of a tiny super hero!!!
& what a better way to end an evening sitting back & watching "So you Think you can dance"...

Its going to be a great few days ahead!!!!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so happy they made it safe and are there for some fun and nanny and pappy's!!

    He is the cutest little 20 month old. It's going to be fun to see all the pics.

    I was just thinking when Sky was here last weekend how fun it will be to make him a cape and watch him go!!!!!

    Have a fun and Blessed evening,

  2. So exciting that they're finally there!!! What cute pictures already! :)

  3. What a cutie pie! They sure are busy at that age, aren't they? He's got such a beautiful smile. Enjoy the time with them.

  4. Oh, have a great weekend with your visitors! He is SO adorable. I can't wait to see lots of pictures!

  5. LOVE these shots! Have a wonderful visit with your grandbaby. Stopping by from SITS to Share some Comment Love!

  6. Im so happy for you! Seeing family is awesome and you will have such a fun time with him!

  7. I can't believe how big he has gotten! He is just TOO handsome... you know... we could just go ahead and arrange a marriage between he and Emma Rose (surely he wouldn't mind a slightly older women, right?) And wouldn't our GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN be beautiful!!!! (Your heart just stopped for a minute didn't it?? )

  8. I am so glad they arrived safely! And, he is totally YOUR grandchild if he's watching SYTYCD!!!

  9. He is SO cute and i cannot believe how BIG he has gotten! I remember him in some of your older pictures. Have a wonderful visit!!!!!!!!

  10. So happy he's there with you. I know you'll suck up all that baby energy and store it up for a rainy day!!

    BTW, Aiden has that same batman costume/PJ's!!! Loves it. Also has superman!

    So cool!

  11. He is just a beautiful child!! Have a wonderful time with them and I can hardly wait to see all the pictures you'll have from your weekend!!

  12. What a heart breaker with that smile!! He is just adorable!


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