Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jesus got bug sprayed!!!

Our office was swarming with bugs in our window sills this morning.... it was very "itchy-feeling" once you saw them... (You itching now?)

A co-worker ran & got bug spray & was going crazy shooting it in the windows....I had a headache from the smell all day long!!!

Well, back up a second - when you walk in my office, you notice two things - I'm a Beauty & the Beast freak - objects on my desk, pictures on my wall, even use a Belle pen, have an Cogsworth paper clip holder, a Lumiere Pencil Holder, a Mrs. Potts Post it holder!

The other thing you will know about me- I love Jesus! Next to my big movie poster is a dry erase board that always has scripture on it that I'm memorizing... so when you see me at my desk, you can help but see scripture...

Here's a close up... I'll be talking about this verse very soon... Am loving this one!

You also will see Bibles on my book shelf & usually a study guide & a Bible open on my desk...

AND you will see a Navity Scene in my window... I keep it up year round! I love Nativity scenes - & this one is small & pretty sitting in the window sill. Since its all glass & in the morning, the sun beams right through that window - it will hit it & you will even see tiny rainbows on the sill... its beautiful!

Well... my poor Jesus today!

When someone ran in with bug spray, they threw everything out of my window - a jar full of jolly-rancers (can I hear a HOLLA for Watermelon flavor) - a picture holder with pictures of my nieces & my parents - even a bucket full of toys for when kids come up to the office to visit. All of that was grabbed...

Not the nativity scene....

She sprayed my Jesus with BUG SPRAY!!!! I just had to laugh at the scene of it...

Later, she did come back & clean it up for me...

But again, it showed me how little she may know about Jesus...

putting it together, she said, "How does this go?" -
I said, it doesnt matter as long as Jesus is in the center....

She walked out leaving the 3rd wise man on my book shelf

maybe she didnt know there were three... Mr. Wise Man #3 just waiting on the side lines here...

my Jesus is shiny & ready for another work day tomorrow though!! Hopefully Baby Jesus will make it through the day clean & bug spray free!


  1. Bugs yuck!! I love how you have your office decorated. I'm sure Jesus can make it through the bug spray! :-)

  2. Hehe funny day! I loved seeing all the things in your office though! :)

  3. poor baby Jesus, and poor lonely wiseman!

  4. I love that you display your Nativity scene all year long...what a great daily reminder to have! Sorry to hear that Jesus got zapped with bug spray, though!

  5. Thank goodness Jesus is back where he belongs! But it does make you think how many still don't know he should be the center of their lives.

  6. A little bug spray never hurt anyone- glad everything's all put back together...

  7. I keep a small Mary & Joseph holding Jesus out all year... why should they be put away just because it isn't Christmas... and isn't it sad that she didn't know how it all went back together. Do I see a mission field here?

  8. I love seeing your office. Love the dry-erase board with the scripture...and it is an awesome scripture. Love the nativity too! I am glad Jesus is back in the center....exactly where he should always be. In the center of everything.

  9. Yes, now I'm itching.

    How funny! Oh, and I love that verse. Love it!

  10. Ha! This made me laugh! You have a fun office! Love the Beauty and the Beast stuff, and the fact that you leave your nativity scene
    out year round, good idea!

  11. HOLLA! LOVE watermelon flavor!

    That's a funny story and a beautiful nativity scene!

  12. At least she was kind enough to come back to clean them. I had a bug in my office (while I was eating lunch, of course). It's the first one I've seen here in 2 1/2 years!


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