Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Bible - exciting?

So I need some thoughts & opinions.

We had our girl's small group & we were talking about how much they read the Bible.  Now, I remember being a teenager... all those years ago... & I always loved to read books, even from a wee-tike!  But I also remember not thinking it was all that exciting to read the Bible.

While these young ladies do have a heart for Christ, & they do want to live for Him, & they do want to learn, they just dont want to read the Bible.  They were saying its just sorta "boring" & not exciting... but the thing that gets me is to think how much they love youth events that involve teaching the Bible... or even our small group!  These 7 girls have been so dedicated to coming to our group & learning about scripture or what God calls us to do for over a year!  For teenager girls to give that sort of commitment impresses me so much - it shows their heart & how they want to LEARN from the Bible!  Just not if they have to read it....

I know now, as a leader, as someone who gets in the Bible more & more & tries to get in it even more then that, I learn new things all the time & find some exciting stuff!  After all, where else can you find stories of the past that involve all the stuff that would make a soap opera cringe!!!  And all the while, learning how to make your life a happier thing - I mean, if you love all the time, how much happier would your life be?  And PLUS, add in the salvation that is offered - the Bible is pretty darn exciting...

But what do you recommend for these young ladies - how would you recommend the Bible to be more exciting to a group of teenage girls?  or do you even find it exciting?  What makes you want to read it everyday?


  1. I must confess, I don't read my Bible every day. It is a goal of mine that often gets buried under my to-do list that's a mile long...

    One thing I love doing with the Bible, though: I will put it on my lap, closed. I will pray about whatever is heaviest on my heart, be it a personal need or someone else's. I pray that God will use His Word to help me in this situation. Then I let the Bible fall open where it may. It is amazing to me how every single time I have been able to find a verse on those open pages that is appropriate to the situation.

    God doesn't speak to us with words we can literally hear very often, but if we sit still and pay attention, He will get his message across.

    How awesome for you to be a part of these girls' lives! Such a blessing!

  2. I think it's important to teach children that there are parts of the Bible that are boring, and it's okay to think that. But as followers of Christ, we are commanded to abide in Him. That's how we learn.

    Being a parent, I'm fully aware that my children do not always enjoy being with me. There are times when they need to sit and learn, and it just seems like, "Ugh."

    But there are times when we find unexpected nuggets of joy.

    Such it is with God's Word. Oh sure, every Word is precious, and you and I, in our maturity, know that. Kids have yet to learn though.

    I think that all you can do is teach them that every part of the Bible is relevant. God will fill in the blanks with both the boring and non-boring parts.

    Hugs and blessings to you for the way you continue to study and share.

  3. I don't know what to say. I love reading the Bible, but I didnt until I was an adult. So I don't know how to get younger people to grasp it and love it like we do. Sorry I am not any help, but I will pray for you and your girls.

  4. Hmm not sure...

    Hope you have a great day...

  5. I really love what auburnchick had to say. Books like Leviticus and such do tend to be boring. Because alot of it doesn't seem relevant to today. But it is if we dig deeper.

    I like to think of it this way. Treasure if not often found above or even on the surface. Treasure is usually buried and you have to dig to find it. Digging is work but you appreciate things so much more if you have to work to get (or find) it. TO me the bible is just that.

  6. RJ,
    I just had this conversation with Dak last week. He said the same things your girls did ~~ but mom it's boring. And my response to him was:

    How can you say it is boring? Can you imagine being David going up to drop off cheese to his brothers and seeing 9' tall Goliath shouting out all kinds of insults to your people? And then there is humor too, can you imagine David about 14 or 15 with the armor of an adult on, Saul's armor of all things, just trying to walk around, little lone fight with that on?!! And then to see him so determined as he grabbed his sling and picked up those 5 smooth stones, and slung it at Goliath and down he went. And then I asked him, can you imagine the adreneline rush? Can you imagine what it took of David to cut off Goliath's head? Because that's what happened. It's not always pretty, but it is real!!! (The Bible is so exciting to me. Oh how I wish I could come talk to those precious teens. I have such a heart for them.)

    Of course Dak just looked at me and said, "Mom I'm just not as excited about it as you are." Teens.

    Yep this is a subject I could go on and on and on about. There's Joseph and getting thrown into the pit by his brothers, only to be over them years later, and Jonah, oh my stars don't even get me started. Can you imagine being in a fish, IN A FISH FOR THREE DAYS?!?!! Oh and that prayer he prays is so great. "Those who cling to worthless idols, forfeit the grace that could be theirs." Yep that's in there and so much more!! And that's just the OT. Oh my stars and the NT.

    Okay I'll stop now, but you go girl. Show them enthusiam and they'll want to catch what you have!!!

    Love you friend,

  7. I guess it depends on how young these young ladies are. When I was a kid my mom gave us little transparent stickers that represented the stories so that we would read it and put the stickers in the right place. But I'm assuming these young ladies are too old for that. Maybe just make it a challenge, turn it into a contest?

  8. I like what Grand Pooba said, Turn it into a game or a challenge. See if they can find parts of the Bible that apply to their life like you do. What lessons can they themselves pull from the Bible and God's word? It would be amazing to see how God opens their eyes under such a challenge and hopefully fun teaching. Bible Jeopardy? Something like that to bring out parts of the bible that they might not see or hear on a regular basis.

  9. oh that's a tough one. i go through months where i'm real good about reading it. i try to carry one in my purse though and that helps me to be able to pull it out.

  10. Great question Rebecca! One of the eternal struggles in youth ministry I think. I think there are probably several answers to that question...

    -Some of it I think has to do with their age and maturity. Not that they aren't capable of reading the Bible and enjoying it...they are! But, at their age, they are still dealing with their own selfish, self-absorbed ways, whether they realize it or not. With maturity comes the realization that it's not all about you and that you really NEED the Lord to make it through life. I don't think I really realized that until I had lived a little and was out of my parents umbrella. THEN the Word became more precious to me.
    -I also think it helps to have them grasp the BIG picture of the Bible. To see the major themes, the point of the old and new testament, how Jesus was prophecy fulfilled and why that all matters to us. One of the best books about this, is called "The Big Picture" by Tommy Nelson. It's a really good read and helpful for breaking it all down. I think that gives them good perspective and gives the Bible purpose in their minds.
    -I also think, if they aren't seeing that example at home, it's harder for them to be motivated to start something their own parents don't take time to do. Family influence is huge. But, since not all homes are committed to that, that's where the youth leaders like you and me come in. I think when they see the priority we make reading the Word, and when they hear the Word overflowing from our mouths, they will remember that! Whether they remember it now or in 5 years, His Word always accomplishes what it sets out to do and it never returns void! Keep being the wonderful example you are to them :)
    -I would also encourage them to start with just 1 verse at a time in 1 book at a time. Start gradually, memorize it together, and gently keep them accountable. They don't need to see God's word as a chore or a religious thing, but as life and wisdom. Help them pray for a heart that longs for the Word. God is faithful to ALWAYS answer that prayer! He will give them the desire they don't have on their own.

    That's alot of answers! Sorry about that :) After several years in the trenches, that's what I think anyway! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday night with your girls!! Bless you for being so faithful to them and to the Lord...You are a gem!!


  11. I think what could make the Bible more exciting is if they were discovering it themselves instead of having it always regurgitated for them through teaching/books. You could teach them something like the Inductive Bible Study method (http://www.precept.org/site/PageServer?pagename=101_whatisinductivestudy) so they could start to "see" it, and not just read it. It'll walk them through a small chunk (I'd probably do something in an epistle, maybe Romans 12 or Colossians 3) and they could teach one another (with your guidance, of course).


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