Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Birthday weekend! ... Part ONE!

Finally - I can get up some sort of pictures from our weekend - the BIRTHDAY WEEKEND of that cutie pie, Isaac!

Saturday, the "official" birthday - we got to start the day off with a parade! Two little twin girls were in this parade & they were so good waving! So good in fact that every picture I got, has their hands in front of their face waving! I gotta work on their Princess wave with them! (There's Sophia with her hand right over her face - & Madi is behind with a sorta-princess wave going on!) Little Princesses to me on that float!

Isaac enjoyed the day & watching all the fun stuff going by!
Then we were off to a day at Huber's Orchard & who cares about anything Orchard-y when a playground is around! Its a good thing Pappy is agile enough to run on playgrounds with Isaac...

Off to a corn maze! Isaac led the way, having fun running & taking the turns on the path. Ricky, of course, being the kid he is, would hide in the corn even though the signs said "Stay on path"... & then Isaac was off to run THROUGH the corn too... what's a Pappy for, but to break the rules?

It was a long day at Hubers... enough to wear a baby down. And because he is now two years old, he is due for a good fit - & Nanny is always there with a camera. I think he's cute, even when he throws himself on the floor, screaming for bloody murder!

It didn't last long though... he was up chasing dogs within the next few minutes & talking on the phone to Yaya! Here he is pointing to his Mommy... We found out, my mom was asking where everyone was & he was pointing to us all every time... He knows his Nanny!!! He'd point to me every time... heart melt.... & notice Julie's cute little belly???? You ask Isaac where his baby brother is & he points to his OWN belly!!!!

Sunday - we started the day with a cook out for the Stephanie's Hope Mission Fund!!! My buddy Lynn is just amazing organzing it & pulling it off again, along with some INCREDIBLE people from church! Smoked pulled pork... YUMMY! And a cornhole tournament! Steve & I teamed up- & for someone who never played before - that would be Steve, though people may have thought it was me - we did pretty good! Isaac on the other hand wanted to play too & when he was told he couldnt - we get another cute pouty face!
But he occupied himself with bean bags... until someone took one away from him... Thanks Kay (HEHE!!!!)

And then we finished up & was off to the BIG EVENT... the BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! I'm going to show the rest of those pictures tomorrow... I know we're on Isaac overload right now - so want you all to take it in doses! Believe me - tomorrow, you're going to smile & go AAHHH with the birthday pictures...

But I gotta leave you with a picture of my little red-headed buddy from church! Everytime I see this little girl, I just want to pick her up, & hug her & take her home with me... she's the cutest little thing! Tell me that face isnt just adorable... Her's - not mine! hehe!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your day... today is my last day with Isaac - they leave bright & early tomorrow morning... so if you hear sobbing in the distance - that will be me....


  1. Great pictures!!! I love how you even love the tantrums! We could use more of you in public! Enjoy your day today!

  2. He is simply adorable!

    I love that last picture, too; she looks like a mini-Rebecca!

  3. Ahhhh...the pictures are so good! Isaac's blond looks and gorgeous baby face remind me of my own children, who were tow-headed tots as well.

    I know you've had a wonderful visit and will miss them tremendously.

    Early hugs to you, my friend. I know you'll be needing them. If I could take some chocolate to you, I would!

  4. Great photos and recap of your time together!

    I love the Red Headed Girls picture! TOO CUTE!!

  5. We are not on Issac overload! I want to see and hear more.....he is just so cute, and so are you!

  6. Issac is so adorable! You're going to miss him so much! You and that little red headed girl look so much alike! WOW!

  7. Oh my gosh how fun! Enjoy every second with Isaac, he's gonna miss you guys so much when he leaves!

    You are so freakin cute! Look at you in that last picture, darling!

  8. I LOVE the pointing picture, that is SO CUTE! He's a doll =)

  9. He's absolutely precious! But then, so are you!

  10. What a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. We went through a corn maze a few weeks ago.

  11. RJ,
    How cute!! These pics are adorable. I can't believe they are going home already ~~ boo.

    Have fun with them tonight,

  12. first off sweetie you LOOK amazing! What a super cute pic of you and she is so cute!

    Isaac is too cute I love he has a baby is his tummy ... LOL.

    I always love the smiles when he comes to visit you both just light up and are full of life!

  13. He is so adorable, bet he gets kissed way too much!
    You and that little girl look like mother daughter!

  14. Hahaha!! LOVE all the pouty faces!

    That little girl is precious!! And it's a great picture of you, too! =)


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