Saturday, October 03, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Happy 2nd Birthday to our Grandbaby!

Today - we get to celebrate the birth of our beautiful blue eyed grandbaby! And we're so blessed to have him with us this birthday. But I gotta show you how the day went yesterday with the first day of the visit....
We started off our visit with some french fries - or what we called - KETCHUP HOLDERS! I think Isaac ate a whole cup of ketchup & ate probably one fry.... anything that makes him happy!

Then it was a trip to Target. Little dude can push a basket. It was getting heavy & he could handle it. And he pushed it through the whole store! I dont know how many people stopped & looked at him & gave a big "AHHHH" when they saw him pushing the cart!

It was time to head home & for Isaac to watch the doggies play. This about knocked the air out of me though because if anyone knows Ricky - they see this pose everytime. Ricky squats anytime we're at someone's house - that's how he's comfortable. He literally squats in front of the TV to watch a show... I dont see how he can do it... when I saw Isaac squatting, it almost brought tears to my eyes!

Zoe wants to be the favorite dog.... so what better way, then to pull out the "cute factor" on Isaac. It worked... he laughed at her every time!

Pappy got home from work & Isaac went right to him... Pappy took him for a little walk & I guess they had a little talk... I love this picture... just the two of them alone chatting it up. I dont know what Ricky said to him, but I saw alot of "knuckle bumps" going on with Isaac laughing - so he must have remembered his Pappy pretty good!

It is a beautiful day with wind, so Pappy & Steve decide to try a kite. They were cracking us up because they were running all over the yard -& the neighbors yard. It kept Isaac entertained for HOURS....
....that is until he took a face plant on the concrete drive way. Oh SLAM - you could hear his face hit! I just grabbed him up & Julie just screamed "Is his teeth all there?"... they were. He just had a bloody lip - so what does any blogging Nanny do? Take a picture - with fresh tears - all for your enjoyment... (I may need help)...

But the tears didnt last long. He got all cozy in Pappy's lap & watched his daddy try the kite some more. Laughter was back on his face in no time.

I ended up making dinner & Isaac ate up - so I got the best approval! And then the total highlight of my day... possibly my year..... he kept wanting to go outside but it was really cool. I grabbed a blanket, wrapped him up tight & went on the front porch. The moon was SOOOO bright & after hearing "Moon Moon Moon" from the twins growing up, I just kept singing it over & over... & next thing I know, Isaac fell asleep in my arms in the rocking chair... We sat outside while I rocked him for about 20 minutes... I dont think anything could have ever been more perfect of an evening...

So today, my camera is refreshed & recharged & we're celebrating another day the Lord has made.. & this day includes our little man's 2nd birthday!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!


  1. RJ,
    I could just cry with the thought of you rocking that g-babe to sleep with the moon bright in the sky casting just enough light on the two of you. What a beautiful picture in my mind.

    All of your pics are great. I LOVE the one where pappy is talking to him (and the fist-bumping ~~ love it), and the one where he's curled up in pappy's lap to watch the kite flying. What a fun day.

    Looking foward to more pics.


    Have a Blessed and Beautiful day,

  2. Happy Birthday, Isaac!

    Rebecca, those are beautiful pics...what an adorable boy!

    Have a blessed weekend; can't wait to hear all about it.

  3. Happy Birthday!! That was an awesome post!! So glad that you had the whole day to enjoy your little one!!

  4. Happy Birthday Isaac!

    Love the fact he is so comfortable with his Nanny and Pappy... the pictures are wonderful... can't wait to see him tomorrow!

  5. A second birthday—
    what fun, oh, what fun! Isaac,
    your new year’s begun!

    My Six Words

  6. I'm so happy for you! Happy Birthday little Isaac with the beautiful blue eyes :)

  7. Awww, what a wonderful time. He's soooo precious!!! :)

  8. What a fun day. Happy Birthday to him. Enjoy your time with him. I love that he fell asleep with you.

  9. Sounds like a heavenly day!

  10. awww how adorable! so glad you got to celebrate with him!

  11. Fantastic day (minus the face plant). Thanks for sharing it with us! And thanks for playing 6WS!

  12. Oh Rebecca, that was so nice. I especially love how the day ended with you snuggling him in your lap and rocking.

    He's a beautiful little boy.

  13. He is growing up so quickly. I noticed a big change from the last time he visited and you posted pics. What a sweetheart :-)

  14. So wonderful...I'm very happy for you all. Enjoy your visit!

  15. So cute!!! I love the one with the doggy!

  16. Looks like a great birthday day for the little guy.
    My grandson Darius was two today also. We did not have such an exciting day though.

  17. aw that is so cute!!! :D he is a precious little boy!

  18. Awwww...I don't think you guys had ANY fun at all! ;0)

    Poor little man and his face plant. Glad he was ok.

    Love the picture you painted with you rocking on the porch. Precious.


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