Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy Birthday to my mommy!!!

So today is my Mommy's birthday! In honor of her, I'm going to give you some insight about the best mom in the world!

*She is one of 12 children. Two of the siblings passed away as babies, so there are 10 brothers & sisters... I believe she's technically the 9th child... but now the 7th in the remaining children... however you look at it... she came from a BIG family!

*My mom is ALWAYS up to play a game! I remember growing up playing Yahtzee, or any board game whenever I wanted to. It didnt even have to be me wanting to play - she'd come knock on my door & say "Wanna play a game"? Who can resist that?

*Speaking of games - during the summer - me & my mom would sit & watch all the game shows.... Games shows were the shows of daytime TV - & we'd have the best time answering the questions & playing along. The Price is Right or Card Sharks were an all time fav!!! Probably why I still LOVE "The Game Show Network"....

*Wizard of Oz... its all that comes to mind with most people when they think of my mom! Wizard of Oz was like an EVENT... & I mean E-VEN-T!!!!!! That's when it would come on TV once a year, so it was a BIG deal! Now that its on video & replayed at movies... its like a Wizard of Oz world at my mom's house. She pretty much has the whole house decorated in WOZ & has a TV that has the movie playing all the time... "obsessed" isnt even the word. Ricky said that when he married me, he had no idea he would get inducted in the Wizard of Oz Hall of Knowledge!... its part of our life!

*Blue.... Blue, blue, blue... everything my mom wears & does is BLUE.... its funny because she wore a green shirt one time & one of the twins asked what was wrong with her... they knew something was different... the world stops when my mom isnt in BLUE!

*My mom is the one who had me grow up to be an animal lover... she's nursed & taken care of many a sick animal. And then people wonder why I have four dogs!

*My mom loves a camera! Especially a TV camera. If she sees one on the road, she finds a way to get on it... one time, there was an incident a few streets over from our house. My mom got in her van & drove over & went back & forth down the road looking towards the camera! It was the funniest thing EVER... her dad called her later & said "Alma, was that you?"... guilty!

*My mom is the type of person people are just naturally drawn too. She has the funniest sense of humor & she has a way of making people feel so comfortable. Me & my friends would choose to stay home & play games with my mom then go out & hang out with other people. She's just fun like that....

*My mom was the example of a woman in church. Her & my father worked in the youth when I was a young 'un & I can remember all the things she did in church. One of my best memories is sitting next to her in church & laying my head on her side with her arm around me playing with my hair... nothing like being a child in your mother's arms....

*TAB... that's probably the other word people thing of - Wizard of Oz & Blue... & TAB! Yes - that drink is still around! The manager in the local grocery used to tell her it was next to the Rat Killer in the aisle... you think my Diet Coke obsession is bad.. you aint seen NOTHING until you see my mom with her TAB! To give you an example of how bad it is - the twins saw me drinking one of her TAB's one time - they freaked out & ran & told their YAYA that I was drinking her drinks! NO ONE drinks TAB in the house except YAYA!!!

*I could go on for days about all the things about my mom... she's incredible! She's hilarious - she is the only one person in my life that when I feel down, can make me laugh a gut laugh that tears are pouring out of my eyes... she can find humor in ANYTHING - even in the worse situations... & she's been through some rough stuff in her life too... but that's the most endearing quality about her - she keeps on laughing - no matter what...

Mom - I love you!!! Believe me - I realize every day how blessed I am to have you as my mother! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. RJ,
    Your mom seems like so much fun, and what a personality!! Does she knit too?

    What a great tribute to your mom on her birthday.

    Have a Blessed day,

  2. This totally made me smile! What a fun and quirky (in a GOOD way!) mom you have! :D

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom in blue! :)

  4. What a sweet post for your Mom. Happy Birthday to her.

  5. She sure does wear blue, that's so funny! She's so cute!

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet momma!

  7. hands down, the best thing about your mom is that she drinks Tab! anyone who still drinks Tab is cool in my book! haha!
    happy bday to your mom!

  8. What a beautiful birthday tribute! I love the part about laying your head on her side with her arm around you. It looks like you have the mom we all want to be! Lucky you? No! Blessed you!

  9. What a blessing to have such a wonderful mom!

    Wonderful post, Rebecca!

  10. A wonderful post for a wonderful mom from a wonderful daughter. :)

  11. I enjoyed reading all of these things about your mom. I loved the Tab comments. I remember my mom drinking this stuff in the 70's/80's. In fact, I know I drank quite a few as well. I still remember the taste...Ghetto Diet Coke, I tell you!

    You've been blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Not everyone is so fortunate.

  12. Happy Birthday YAYA! I love all of the cute funny quirks your mom has. So funny!

  13. Awww, your mom sounds so fun! Happy {belated} birthday to her!!


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