Monday, October 05, 2009

On Hold...

Dancing with the Stars has been put on hold... why? Because I'm still spending every minute I can with the most adorable little boy in the world...Birthday videos & pictures are still to come... off to go kiss a spaghetti covered face...


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL baby!!!!

    Spend EVERY moment you can kissing that face!!

    Love you friend,

  2. Who can blame you? I'd spend every moment with him too!

  3. aww he is so adorable!

  4. Well of course it's on hold!! At least you've got your priorities straight!! Enjoy :)

  5. by the way, you look wayyyy too young to have a grandbaby!

  6. It looks like you are having a blast with the g-babe! Happy 2nd Birthday Isaac!! He is just adorable :)

    LOVE the picture of him pushing the shopping cart haha- too cute!

  7. I completely those gorgeous baby blue eyes!

  8. Dancing update : it's 9:15 and you haven't missed much at all

  9. OMGosh I loving that last picture! how awesome is that!


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