Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*Guess who's birthday it is today! Nope, not my mom & not Isaac's... its only the birthday of the two cutest, sweetest, smartest, puppy loving twins I know! Yep - my nieces birthday! October is a busy month for me in celebrations! But today is their day! Seems like only yesterday they were like this....
And today - they are the big 5 years old!!!! Amazing... where does the time go? Happy Birthday Sophia & Madi...your Aunt Bec loves you more then anything!

*I went home yesterday after work & there sat Isaac's basket of toys in the middle of the floor.... it about broke my heart. Yes - I sat there & cried... then forced myself to get moving so I wouldnt wallow... I did 4 loads of laundry, cleaned my kitchen - my house is shining... at least I didnt sit & cry....missing that little cute face! Funny how you can feel like a piece of your heart is missing...

*SPAT OF THE WEEK: Oh, you can already tell what the spat was this week... who does Isaac love more - his Nanny or his Pappy? It can be the cause of many spats... & I'm only saying it here because I would never give Ricky the satisfaction, but I do think he's a little more partial to his Pappy....I think probably because he thinks he's magic on skates & his Nanny has a hard time walking across a floor... I'll still argue that he loves me more... just for arguments sake.

*We're having flooding around the area again today! I grew up never hearing anything about flooding & I think this is the third time in the past two months that we've had severe flooding ... I know we're not the only ones too around the US... what the heck is going on? I'm expecting to see Noah's ark any day now!

*What's your favorite version of the Bible? I am partial to the NIV but lately, I really am loving the simplicity of the Message Bible... it just breaks it down so easily. My buddy Dawn uses the Message version on her blog & I just am loving it more all the time. Thinking I need to go get a Parallel Bible

And I'm wondering why this guy's picture comes up in the midst of all these bibles on Google Images with the words "Message Parallel Bible" under him...weird...

*Anyone see Nancy Grace RIP into Jon Gosselin? I dont normally watch her - but I will say - I wanted to high five her for telling him exactly what everyone thinks about him...

*Lets talk TV!!!! I havent been able to watch all my "normal" shows due to Isaac-week... but trying to catch up... lets DISH!

So You Think You Can Dance - I officially hate you judges! How can you get rid of Ryan???? They had it against him from the beginning - they knew Evan did so well & that everyone already loved Ryan - so get him out of there... hate you judges!
The OFFICE - did you all see Jim & Pam's wedding? Oh my gosh - the first five minutes - when the whole office was PUKING - I had tears coming out of my eyes & my stomach hurt from laughing... I've never seen anything more funny in my life!!!! I'm STILL laughing about it!... & isnt Jim just the sweetest man ever... when he cut his tie for her & the look he gave at the end when he was married to her on the boat... aahhh! One of the funniest episodes ever!

Dancing with the Stars!!! OK Auburnchick, you gotta give me your breakdown! I've only caught You Tube clips of the dances...quick thoughts. Why would they put Aaron in a baby blue Hugh Hefner robe when he looks like a 10 yr old-creepy! .....I thought Tom Delay was awesome for sticking with it - but didnt it seem like Cheryl just wanted to give up on him because she knew he wasnt going to win?...... Do you think Chelsie & her little extreme snow boarder are falling for each other?.... & what was with Kelly kissing Louie at the end?.... Mya & Donnie are still my favs! Though I am loving the swimmer!

GLEE.... is anyone else into this show as much as me? I just hang onto every word that Sue Sylvester says - I'll actually rewind & listen again because you miss what she says sometimes. HILARIOUS! They had a video up with a future song & it was AWESOME... but they already took it down!! But this is still one of my favorite that they did...

Happy Friday everyone!!!


  1. Awe that made me sad reading that when Isaac left you burst into tears at the sight of his toys! *tears* anyways Im so glad that you had such a great week with him and I'm sure he loves his Nanny and Poppy the same, in different ways.

    I have heard the Message version of the Bible is really good too, but right now I am reading the teen version from my youth group days (I know, it's pathetic that I haven't bought a new one at the age of 26!) but I'm reading the book of Deuteronomy now, following Melanie(BigMama's) challenge to read the Bible in a year and I can't put it down! (this is the 1st time I will have read the Bible from start to finish..again, pathetic I know!)

    Wow Im really blabbing aren't I! Anyways have a GREAT weekend and I will be catching up on my shows this weekend too! Can't wait..just the thing to do on a rainy weekend, so I too will be on the lookout for Noah's ark haha!

  2. Loving Glee, yup even may dance and sing a little each time :) LOL

    I'm so going to have to find the youtube of Nancy Grace doing that! Finally!

    Ohhh poor Nanny she is just wobbly legs ... oh wait remember those little people we would play with that we're wobbles see those we're fun. I say Nanny is more fun ... :)

    Yikes with the flood, stay save my dear!

    The twins look so cute! Happy 5th birthday!

  3. Im so sad for you missing Issac. I can kind of understand because I feel like that whenever my parents fly by to AZ. I hope that they will be back again soon.

    I use an NIV bible and this year I started reading Grace for the Moment Daily Bible. Each day has a section from the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs and the New Testament. I LOVE IT.
    But that parallel Bible sounds interesting...Im going to have to check it out. I am also looking for the next step up in a childrens Bible. I have the Beginners Bible that I read to the boys each night but I think they are ready for stories that are a little bit longer. The stories in this book are basically for toddlers.
    Any suggestions?

  4. Awww...sad! {crying at the toys}

    Happy Birthday to the twins! They're adorable!

    Uh-oh! Stay safe with that flooding!!

    I've always had an NIV, but I think a parallel bible would be cool.

    Nope, don't even know who Nancy Grace is, but it's about time someone put him in his place!

    Kyle has The Office recorded. I'll have to go and watch that episode.

    Dancing with the Stars. Poor Tom Delay. Can't stand Cheryl. Glad she's going to be out now. Kelly kissing Louie was a dare. He didn't think she'd do it. I think Chelsie and the snowboarder dude are TOO CUTE!!

    I've only seen the first episode of Glee. All these other shows are on at the same time as shows I really want to watch so I'll have to catch them all on reruns or OnDemand.

  5. Hey RJ,
    Thanks for the shout out!! I do love me some Message Bible. It brings things out in ways I don't think of sometimes. Ya gotta love that.

    I know what you're saying about the rain. It's finally stopped around here, oops take that back, just looked outside, still running. hmpfff

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  6. I woke up this morning feeling good when I realized that Jim and Pam were now wed. Am I an Office dork or what? That episode was better than I was expecting! Loved every minute of it, too.

  7. Happy Birthday all around..

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Yay! I finally get to dish about "our" show, although I'm really missing your spot-on comments. I forgive you, though, as your mind was on heavenly babes and such.

    This is going to be a two-part post because Blogger doesn't like novels as comments. LOL

    Speaking of which...I think that Isaac loves you and Ricky equally and differently. There are things that you, specifically, do for him, and there are things that Ricky does with him. He is blessed to have both of you in his life. are my notes about this week's DWTS...

    Mark and Lacy - Mark seemed a little stiff, but the twinkle in his eye wins me over every time. I think he's got it in him to be a good dancer. Thank goodness he was safe this week!

    Joanna and Derek - her legs are skinny, but she doesn't move them well. I'm so ready for her to go!

    Mya and Dmitry - Ohhhh laaaaa laaaaa. She was SMOKIN'! Len was too funny when he told Bruno that he needed a "Check up from the neck up." It was classic! However, I think Len needed the check up when he gave this couple a 7. Len was in a bad mood all night, and all of his scores were low.

    Melissa and Mark - LOVED her dress with the fringe (sorry Rebecca, I know you're not a super fan of the stuff), but I love the way it swirls when they shake their booties. Melissa was much better this week. She looked like she was having fun.

    Louie and Chelsie - His hair was nasty-looking all slicked back. Latin lover? I don't think so. I thought he dance poorly and only existed on the floor to hold her up. They are still a cute couple, but I'm starting to root for the other couples now. I do love Chelsie though!

    Debbie and Maks - I enjoyed the way they started off the dance...with a story, but she was stiff the whole time. Girl's gotta cut loose! It was the Samba, for heaven's sake! I'm so glad she got voted off.

  9. Donny and Kym - Although I still cannot stand her, I love Donny and his innocence. They did the Rumba, and you could tell he was uncomfortable during practices. He's Morman, and we know how conservative they are. But he did a great job during the dance. I could imagine him dancing this with his wife.

    I have to insert something here.

    After Donny's dance, Bruno mentioned something about him being a little too soft or something...I can't remember exactly what it was. Donny ran up, bent Bruno over the desk, and played like they were kissing.

    That started a downward shift into yuckiness for the rest of the show.

    Samantha Harris had a filthy mouth when Donny and Kym went back to wait for their scores, and I was shocked. Too bad viewers can't vote out hostesses.

    Back to our regular program...

    Michael and Anna - This was the first time that he looked like he was having fun when he danced, although the dancing wasn't so good. I think they are having a hard time during rehearsals. I honestly don't think she's got enough experience as a teacher...they fought constantly. I'm not impressed with this couple at all. Anna has to go (too bad we can't just keep Michael).

    Natalie and Alec - Oh, how I love this girl. I loved her in the pool, and she's exquisite out of it as well. She's such a natural and looked captivating in her blue gown.

    Chuck and Anna - Well, all I can say is that he had fun. The dancing wasn't so good. Poor guy. You've just gotta love the fact that he gets weekly pedi's with his daughter. He didn't need dancing to get in touch with his softer side.

    Aaron and Karina - GAG, GAG, GAG. What was up with him holding up his arms in ridiculous positions? And the faces he was making. It was worse than watching middle schoolers moon at each other. So un-romantic. And the robe?! He looked like he was a Jedi trying to woo a cow. Oh, not referring to Karina. She kept telling him not to overact, but he didn't listen. He was awful, and this dance makes me want him to GO.

    Tom and Cheryl - Give the man props. He danced with two stress fractures in his feet. I'm so impressed. I LOVED the costumes and the way the song went with them. They sparkled. I was less impressed with Cheryl's comments during rehearsal on the stage. She seemed very unsympathetic. Blech. It's a relief he dropped we don't have to listen to her disapproving comments any more.

    Kelly and Louis - LOVED the red hair, loved the gold dress, and loved the dance. She had fun again, and you could tell. She danced well. Props to Louis for being such an amazing, patient teacher. And the was a dare they made to each other during rehearsals...she decided to do it first.

    So that, my dear, is my take of the show. The throw-up factor was high with only a few shining stars. Next week should be interesting!

  10. Sue's lines on Glee just KILL me. I sit in shock and horror and then just giggle.

    I'm not really up on gossipy things, but I started reading about the whole Jon & Kate thing and felt so bad for all those kids =/

  11. I had to skip over all your TV spotlights because I haven't had time to watch any shows this week!! But since Alex is going out of town this weekend I think I have plenty of time to catch up!

    You poor thing, you've got Isaac withdrawls! I hope you get better soon!

  12. I'm with Pooba - I had to skip over the show stuff because my DVR has been neglected this week... :)

    Awwww! Isaac withdrawals can't be fun...if you need more distractions, I could use some help making my house all sparkly clean...(grin!!)

    Happy birthday to your twin nieces! MY twin nieces birthday is today, too! But they turned 8 today...I can't even think about the fact that 8 years has gone by at the speed of light...sheesh!! Your nieces are ADORABLE! :)

    Happy FF! :)

  13. Your nieces are so cute! Happy birthday to them!

    I loved the Office wedding. It was so much fun and so worth the wait.

    I did see Nancy Grace go after Jon and I swear he was about to cry.

  14. Kids grow too fast. They are adorable though! Nancy Grace rips into just about everyone doesn't she?

  15. We are really enjoying Glee! So fun to watch. And I missed the office but am hoping the episode is online!

  16. Honestly, I watch Glee because my kids watch it, but I don't get the draw. I keep hoping it will grow on me. I'm watching Modern Family as I type this. It's funny, but the kooky camera movements are a bit unsettling.

    Your nieces are cutie pies. Sorry you're missing you sweet baby. When's the next reunion?

    That parallel bible dude--are you sure he's a dude?!

  17. I'm really liking Glee as well...I've seen each episode 2x. Sue definitely makes the show, though. My favorite song is Take a Bow as well.

  18. Glee is my new favorite show!!!

    They got rid of Ryan?

    Happy Birthday to your nieces!

  19. Glee is my new favorite show!!!

    They got rid of Ryan?

    Happy Birthday to your nieces!

  20. I love GLEE too! Hubby thinks its stupid, but it's my guilty pleasure. Sue is hysterical LOL


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