Saturday, October 17, 2009

Six Word Saturday


So I found a web site from another blogger... wish I knew who it was so I could thank them... but it led me to a site called E-mealz.  You sign up for it & for a small cost of $1.25 a week, you get receipies for five days worth of dinners.  And the best part - they send you the ingredients you need for the whole five days.  And even better then that - they give you a shopping list... this is what has made it so exciting for me because I think its just overwhelming to get all the stuff together.

Not with this - they give you a list & have all the stuff together for the Produce department - the meat department - the Dairy... etc, etc, etc.  There is also a number for which meal it goes to beside it so if you happen to not like that meal, you can cross it off.  I now go equipped into the store knowing what I'm getting & it actually is exactly, perfectly what I need for all the meals...This whole program is endorsed by Dave Ramsey for the fact that you buy exactly what you need & its not any waste!!!!  If Mr.Dave Ramsey approves it - then you KNOW its good!

And what is the COOLEST thing - you have so many "catergories" to choose from on which dinners you want.  For us, I choose the "Dinner for two - low fat option"... but they have dinners for 4, receipes for Weight Watchers and the point system - & even more awesome - they have dinners with all the ingredients coming from specific stores, like Wal-mart or Kroger!! Tell me how amazing that is!

So I made the first meal... & of course, I had to capture the moment!

First - I cut up real sirloin steak.... which I NEVER have bought in my life... cut off all the fat & then used REAL brocoli... no frozen stuff.... real, healthy, green stuff!!!!

Then this is what blows me away... I made my own sauce!! ME... my own sauce!!! See - the world HAS to be coming to an end.  I had to buy spices & everything because me, the non-cooker, has nothing but cinnamon or spices that Julie buys when she visits & cooks! I'm hanging my head in shame no longer because I ended up combining sugar, ginger, orange juice, chicken granules, garlic powder, soy sauce & corn starch into this AMAZING sauce!!!!  Add in some water chestnuts & let it simmer until the sauce thickens!!!

In the end - look at this... Sirloin & Brocoli Stir fry...

The true test... Ricky aka MR. PICKY!!!!! He was AAAA-Mazed!!!! He said, "next time - can you make more sauce"... well, of course I can - I'm a cook now after all!

So tonight, is Enchilladas... REAL in the oven, baked enchilladas.. I never thought I'd be so excited to cook!  Cant wait for next week's shopping list to come out & I get to do it all over again!


  1. LOL @ your Six Words. The stir fry looks delicious!

  2. Wow that's an awesome idea. I've gotta check them out.

  3. hahahah! Oh gosh I about drowned laughing so hard after reading your 6 word title while I was drinking some tea!!
    You come up with some hilarious stuff that just tickles me to no end!

  4. Good for you!!! It really does look delicious!!!

  5. YAY RJ ~~ you go girl!!!

    MMMMMMM Sounds delish!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  6. My three word title for my response?

    Oh My Gosh

    Now, tell me dear, how long have you been married?

    Pray tell...what in the world do you guys eat each week? I'm confuddled.

    I, too, was LOL at this post because I find it almost incomprehensible that you could go so long without cooking with spices!!! And never buying, much less de-fatting, sirloin steak?

    Ricky must think he's died and gone to heaven!

    You totally have me ROFL!!!!!

  7. Nope not yet, it will end when I actually cook. LOL Looks yummy though! Happy 6WS!

  8. I'm so proud! Just wait till you start experimenting!

  9. That looks so good! my daughter just alked in the room and asked what was for dinner.
    Now it is Panda express because I am not quite as motivated as you

  10. veddy interesting!! Do they have a vegetarian option as well, asks this non-cook :D

  11. Very excited for you... you will LOVE having all this stuff handy and the next thing you know, you won't be using a recipe... you just say "Yummm this sounds like it would be great together!!!" Baby steps, my friend... baby steps!

  12. Oh my word, I am sooooo going to have to try this, because that system would be perfect for my shopping and budget and perfect for one person. And after all, it is endorsed by Dave Ramsey, haha!!!!! :)

  13. Very exciting! Enjoy your new-found fun!

    And thanks for playing 6WS!

  14. That looks delicious!!! And S=on of Steve's favorite dishes is beef and broccoli. I may have to steel the recipe. Though I think I can figure it out from you pictures :) Yumm! Way to go!

  15. Good for you!! That's awesome and looks delish!!! =D


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