Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

*I'm about ready to BUST!!!!! Today's the day... Guess who's going to be here in just a few hours? Yep... the cutest little grandbaby in the world! Julie & Isaac are actually coming with our son in law, Steve, this time - its been a year since we saw Steve - so it'll be a great few days... I'm just watching the clock... waiting to head to that airport!

*I finished my Hermoine Hat! Someone saw the last Harry Potter movie - saw the hat Hermione wore & wrote up a pattern. How smart people are!!! I'll never be THAT good - but at least I can follow a pattern! The results - a hat that I love:

Remember the scene?

*Biggest Loser: I was heart broken! I absolutely love Sean - the youth pastor. He was so kind & funny & had the best lines! (... I wanted to look at this crazy lady & say, "What are you thinking you crazy lady?"....) What a way to go though. For those of you that dont watch - a woman, the one Sean called crazy, pretty much played the game with such an evil scheme & it brought the whole show down. It came between Sean's team & another team where the lady NEEDS to be there. She has no family - no support. Sean & his partner willingly asked to be sent home so this woman could stay! It was so heart tugging!!!! And at the end, he was standing in front of a group of youth talking about his experience & how you can change the inside AND outside.... taking the message to God... LOVE IT!!! Oh Sean... I'll miss you!

*SPAT OF THE WEEK: Car Tires! - I swear, I think my tires have a slow leak in them... they are looking low to me. Every time I tell Ricky, he says I'm crazy & they are fine. So I try to give him a sad story about me stranded in the middle of the express way & what happens if my tires go totally flat then... which leads to a spat of how tires work. I dont care about all that - just check my tires!!! I need to learn how to put air in my tires myself - be a hands on auto-kinda-gal! OHHHH - you can believe if I get stranded because of my tires, you'll all hear about it!

*This is just ANOTHER reason why I think Hugh Jackman is one of the most perfect men out there... he's not afraid to walk around with Pink My Little Ponies...& still look good doing it!

*My life flashed before my eyes last night. I was walking across the floor & for some reason, a water puddle was in the middle of the kitchen. My foot hit it & I did, what I would think is a triple axle with a lutz somewhere in there. That is the WORST feeling. A slow-motion sort of fear that makes your heart skip a beat. It takes me a second to stand up & then probably a good 10 seconds later, I let out the biggest scream... so I'm a little delayed. I'm OK though.. had a good laugh about it actually.

*Anyone watching "Modern Family"... oh my gosh... This man (the one in the kimono) is the funniest character... if you didnt see the way he introduced his daughter, with the soundtrack of "Circle of Life" playing in the background, then you missed it... it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! *Be prepared for an overload of grandbaby pictures for the next few days... its a must! We get such limited time with him... AND its his 2nd birthday Saturday... oh yes... Nanny + Camera = TONS of cute baby pictures!!!! Dont say I didnt warn you! hehe!

Happy Friday!


  1. I CRIED! SOBBED! BLUBBERED! at Sean and his workout partner going home. All I can say is, "It comes back full circle, sister."

    Enjoy your visit! : )

  2. Can't wait to see the pics of the grandbaby!

    Have a wonderful visit!

    (Don't forget, I left a little something for you on my blog today.)

  3. Adorable knit cap!!

    I haven't watched The Biggest Loser since the season with Heba and Ed. They ruined it for me forever. Heba was just too evil. Yuck!

    Hugh Jackman is pretty neat. Everyone makes fun of his wife. They always call her ugly and old, and say how Hugh Jackman could have anyone. Yet, he sticks with his wife. That is real love, especially in Hollywood. He seems like he couldn't care less about the Hollywood crap. I think that is pretty cool.

    Happy FF!

  4. Oh my gosh that hat is adorable! I can't believe you just made up a pattern and made one! You rock girl! And I am so excited to wear my scarf, it's almost that time of year!!!

  5. i love to see your knitting accomplishments, keep it up!
    grandbaby up dates are really the best we never tire of them! great steve gets to come also!

    here at my house we were heart broken about the red team going home also. they did a great thing not letting the yellow girl go.
    i was so happy to see both boys had lost over 100 pounds already with so many weeks left to go they both will be contenders for the at home $100,000
    as soon as they get a chance that purple girl will be gone.. you could see the evil in her eyes.

  6. Okay so I'm not a Harry Potter fan, gasp!!! I know. So I didn't know what a hermonie (sp?) hat was, but I do remember seeing that pic above of Harry and I'm assuming hermonie (sp?). How cute is that hat? Okay so I am going to try this whole knitting thing again now that cool weather is here. I have dreams of wearing a blue and white scarf and hermonie hat set to Blue Jay games and functions (yes I am dreaming, but a girl can dream right?!!)

    YAY for g-babes!!! Mine will be here in just a little while. YAY!! I would be so sad if I didn't get to see him every weekend or so. I'm sad for you that you don't see him more often, but oh so happy that he's in for his b-day. YAY!!

    Okay LONGESTTTTTTTTTTTTT commenter ever is closing now =)

    Love you and bring on those pics,

  7. How exciting that you get to spend some time with your grandbaby! What a cutie pie =D

    That HAT! I want to have one of my very own... I ought to learn how to knit.

  8. Awww, enjoy your time with that cute grandbaby! And take LOTS of pictures!

  9. Two comments...

    First - LOVE the hat! What a great fit!!!!

    Second - I can totally identify with the feeling you had when you slipped! I once fell down a flight of stairs, while holding my son (a kindergartner at the time) in my arms. At times like this, it's almost as if you're moving in slow motion...watching from a distance (don't we wish). What a terrifying experience! I'm glad you're ok!

    Enjoy your visit with your grandson!! I can't wait to see pictures!! I wonder if we'll be seeing more flashlights?!!

  10. Have fun with your visitor!

    GREAT hat!

  11. I love the hat!!!

    And ouch with the fall, glad you're okay, haha!!!!

    Have a GREAT visit with the grandbaby!!! :)

  12. Wait a second. You're a grandma? How did I not know this?

  13. oh LOVE the hat! cute cute cute!

    And I've been thinking of watching Modern maybe I'll have to.

  14. Don't even get me started on the topic of car tires. That's how I spent my Thursday -- after getting a nail in my tire.

    My husband always says the pressure in my tires is fine - by LOOKING at them.

    I always go out with my trusty gauge and make sure he actually puts air in them :D

  15. I LOVE the hat, but who is the young girl wearing it? Certainly not somebody's GRANDMA!? I'm confused.

    I'm so glad you didn't get hurt when you fell. I know that feeling well; that sudden sting of fear you get in top of your head when your adrenalin rushes in too fast-yikes!

  16. Just now catching up on blogs, but I was so sad to see Sean go home too! I was torn between the two teams bc we were rooting for them sad!

    LOVE the Hermoine hat! So cute! I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies, but it looks just like the one in the picture. You are talented!

  17. I want a Hermione hat!!! It's cute on you!

  18. That hat is adorable! Great job!!

    Whenever I get my oil changed, I ask them to check the pressure in my tires. And if I see that they're getting low, I take them to a tire place and ask them to check them for me. No problemo! {Cuz Kyle doesn't do it for me, either!}

    Oh no!! So glad you were ok from your fall!

    Modern Family is hilarious! Did you see when that same guy was dancing at the baby gym? Too funny!


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