Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just breathe....

Ever forget to breathe?  It may sound like a stupid question, but I've noticed how much I forget. 

I guess I noticed the most when I am working out.  I'm starting to run again - gearing up for the Mini Marathon again - & I notice that I'm about ready to pass out,  & then I start concentrating on taking breaths - in, out, in, out - & then I'm ok again.

Or at Jazzercise - they will make us yell something or give a big "YAAAAHHHH" to make sure we're breathing.  Why?  Because we'll be moving, thinking, jumping.. & forget the simpliest thing - to breath!

Do some ab work & watch how fast you hold your breath.  At the point of exhertion, you are supposed to exhale - get the air out.  Instead, most people just hold it in & let out a grunt sound.  All the while, making things rougher on your body.

How many times in life do we hold our breathe?  Usually in the hardest of moments.  I know when something shocks me, I'll gasp!  Literally, its like the breathe has been knocked out of me.  Ever have a moment like that?  ...I pray you haven't... but sadly, I think most of us have.

Or ever been so upset, you cry & you loose your breathe... its taken away from you...

Been on a roller coaster & held your breath when you looked over the edge & knew that a drop was coming?  I've totally been there!!!

Breathing... something so simple...what we need to sustain ourselves...

I told you we're starting back in Genesis & going through Revelation with the kids & I noticed in Genesis 2:7
"...the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground & breathed in his nostrils the breath of life, & the man became a living being."

When hard times come & we get winded or have the air knocked out of us - remember to breath in.  Take a deep breath of the breath of life that God provides for us.  Let His air fill you up to take another breath & get through the situation... & then breathe again... & again...


  1. I forget to breathe all the time! And then I'll let out a big ole sigh! lol It happens all the time. I need to learn how to breathe in and out...and properly :) It's the only way to get through life!


  2. GREAT post and this totally made me think of Faith Hill's song "Breathe", LOL!!! :)

  3. Yup, I definitely forget to breathe sometimes! Love this. =)

  4. What an Amazing post Rebecca Jo. Thanks for the welcome back...

  5. I don't know how many times mommies get the breath knocked out of them,but what a relief that the deep breath of Life of God fills us up! What a sustaining post!


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